Recycling backfires

By:  Diane Benjamin

Many people recycle.  Curbside pickup makes it pretty easy.  Evidently, curbside also makes recycling cost prohibitive.  Gee, somebody has to separate all the cans, bottles, etc.

Also included in the June City Manager’s report is this:

Blue bins are the reason why American recycling is stalling  (Page 23)

Once a profitable business for cities and private employers alike, recycling in recent years has become a money-sucking enterprise.

Trying to encourage conservation, progressive lawmakers and environmentalists have made matters worse. By pushing to increase recycling rates with bigger and bigger bins —while demanding almost no sorting by consumers —the recycling stream has become increasingly polluted and less valuable, imperiling the economics of the whole system.

The entire 4-page article is included.

I wonder if the Budget Task Force is going to quote this article when they recommend raising garbage fees again?





10 thoughts on “Recycling backfires

  1. Unfortunately, I believe the environmental extremists at the ecology action center will recommend to the council more bins be billed to each household. In addition, the residents of each household will be required to spend their free time and labor to sort through the trash putting each item in the appropriate bin on behalf of the city. (Slave labor). Failure to conform or to inadvertently put an item in the wrong bin will result in fines and required appearances before the city’s new administrative court. Continued non conformity will result in mandatory jail time.


    1. That’s exactly what will happen – that’s how they did it in UK and everything that happens in UK happens here eventually. They will refuse pick-up if things are not suitably sorted – then they will eventually fine the person – your house or garage will become a mini recycling center with several bins all color coded You will learn the joys of having to decide what is what and what bin should THIS go in? You will sometimes just take a chance and HOPE you got it right, also your bins will have to be perfectly closed, no gaps or slightly up on one side – that will come soon too (It may have already happened) or the bin will not be picked up – you will soon also be expected to take anything over-sized to the landfill yourself, all bulk pick-up will end, and you will wait in line and pay to get rid of whatever it is in other words an old sofa that wouldn’t even be picked up by someone desperate for a sofa on the curb will cost YOU money to get rid of.. I have had the luxury of going back and forth to UK for over 40 years on a regular basis and i can always predict what is coming next for US.


  2. As the world economy comes crashing down the market for recycled material will too. As the potted plants look at planning for the future they fail miserably. Like you said, gee now a someone else has to sort the stuff making it even less valuable. “But we saved three public works pension costs.” says city manager Hales. “Which makes it easier to hire more assistants and communication directors to make my job easier.”


  3. I never did understand why Bloomington didn’t have the same recycle policy as Normal’s drop-off containers located throughout the city. There were 3 compartments, one each for paper, glass and plastic. How difficult is it for those who are serious about recycling to separate the stuff and bring it to a drop-off location? Actions speak louder than words. Does the government really have pay someone to separate trash for its citizens?


  4. I have seen where people have dropped off TV’s and computer monitors on south Morris Ave. just past the golf course numerous times for recycling. Maybe an occasional chair or sofa too. I guess let the city or township deal with it I suppose.

    I can remember a time when myself and siblings would collect Pepsi or Coke bottles and turn them in for a refund. Those days are long gone. Who needed to recycle then.

    Most of everything we buy is throw away. That’s one of the big problems. There is no incentive for people to recycle. It’s just as easy to throw it away rather than deal with recycling. If your out driving in your Rolls Royce heaven forbid you keep any can or bottle for recycle. Just get it out of here and wing it out the car window. Out of sight out of mind.


    1. Returning re-usable objects such as soda bottles make a ton more sense that melting plastic and re-manufacture it. Yet we should feel guilty about filling up our SUVs.


  5. As a geologist, I would HIGHLY recommend buying ALL the landfills in the country, and in about 50 years your grandchildren can mine the heck outta them and become the NEXT generation of Guggenheims!


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