Recycling? How much ends up in the landfill?

By:  Diane Benjamin

It would be nice if everything that could be recycled was.  Normal passed an ordinance mandating recycling for multi family housing.  The joke just might be on the kids who begged the Trustees to pass it.  Their rent will go up and all “recyclables” may end up in the landfill anyway.  Of course, the garbage hauler loves it.  They can charge more!

See this article from the LA Times, hardly a conservative news source:

The story is from two days ago.  Excerpts:

The entire article is fascinating. Over 1000 recycling centers have shut down in the last two years – government quit funding it.

Normal quit funding drop-off locations earlier this year. Since then bins behind the Normal Walmart aren’t being emptied regularly. The two pics below were taken at 7:30 am last Saturday.

Saturday usually has a line of people wanted to drop their stuff off.

People want to be good citizens, the recycler gets FREE product, but fails to pick it up. Obviously there is no market.  How much of the local stash is going to the landfill?  Nobody was recycling cardboard Saturday unless they set it outside the bin.  The mixed containers bin was close to full, the mixed paper was just as bad.

Decades of indoctrination for this!

7 thoughts on “Recycling? How much ends up in the landfill?

  1. Yes, unfortunately, this happens MORE then the powers that be will want to admit! There are MANY things that gum up the process, ceramics, wood, Paint, food boxes, styrofoam, electronics, etc and IF any of this is present, then a whole load may get tossed..


  2. With liberals, it’s all about intentions. Good intentions are what count. They don’t care about practicality or common sense. They want everyone to recycle = they’re good people; You question recycling = you’re bad people. College kids (speaking as a former one) don’t understand that they’ll be picking up the tab. I really hope these landlords make it a line item on the lease agreement. We can have ourselves an economic lesson.

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  3. As always, leftist politics is about leftists feeling good, not about actual impacts.
    Mandatory recycling will raise rents, and will disproportionately impact the poor of the community who live in smaller buildings and pay their own way rather than the students’ mega-complexes paid for by mommy and daddy or uncle sam.
    Mandatory recycling will initially Hurt the environment as dozens of dumpsters, concrete pads, and fenced areas are installed without regard to their level of need or usage.
    Mandatory recycling will continually Hurt the environment, as resources are expended to pretend to recycle garbage and then send it to a landfill anyway.
    Mandatory recycling will further Hurt the environment, making it more difficult to extract the real recyclables from the trash that gets ‘recycled’
    Ordinance supporters complain that recycling isn’t Easy for them, but Truly recyclable materials Are easily recycled. Leave a trash bag full of pop/beer cans on the curb in the morning, and I’ll personally pay you $20 if it’s still there the following evening. Steel items like washing machines are the same, because they really Are recyclable and people will pick them up For you without all the government red tape, added expense, and so on.

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  4. Diane,  I just called Midwest Fiber and the boss of the women I spoke to email follows she suggested the pictures be sent to him.  she also said the drop boxes are picked up every day.  Perhaps they need to pick them up more frequently on the weekends. I would have forwarded your BLNews post except I did not know if you wanted to send him the pictures with different comments or if it was ok to send him the news post.R


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