UPDATE: Veterans aren’t the “Right Fit” Tari?

One more update:  Now David Hales is being blamed for not returning phone calls.

Aldermen Mathy and Hauman have claimed on Facebook to have talked to City staff.  Their reports conflict with the original post.  Both claim nobody at the City has been called.  Keep in mind civil servants are masters of double speak.

The City gives a lot of money to the Economic Development Council and now BN Advantage.  Where are they as the VA looks for property?

I also heard the paper doesn’t think this is news.

Keep in mind these are the same people who didn’t see any problems at the Coliseum.


By:  Diane Benjamin

A guy named Danny Leifel posted a story on Facebook last night.  Before you read it, you need to know he isn’t some nut job on Facebook:

Here is what he posted:



The Pantagraph ran a story in April 2017 ON THE FRONT PAGE: https://www.pantagraph.com/news/local/va-planning-outpatient-clinic-in-mclean-county/article_c0d54acb-7139-552d-88b1-e59abf068802.html

If Tari didn’t know about it, it was because he didn’t care.  I’m sure they didn’t ask for any TIF money.  The facility is supposed to open in July of 2019.

Maybe taking care of veterans isn’t the “right fit” for Tari.  Maybe the labor unions don’t need any work.

Of course this begs for another question:

How many other projects haven’t been built because City hall refused to return phone calls?

Alderman Joni Painter commented on the story.  I think she will be reaming somebody out at City Hall today.









21 thoughts on “UPDATE: Veterans aren’t the “Right Fit” Tari?

  1. Of course. Tari doesn’t care about anyone or anything but himself and his agenda. At a minimum, he’s signaled to the community that he doesn’t care and is uninterested in a VA. He’s probably concerned that the “beautiful people” don’t want a VA in their centrally-planned community. Tari continues to prove he’s disconnected from the community and the people he purports to serve. He’d rather score some points with his far-left base and continue writing checks for the Downtown clowns than help our Veterans. Priorities Tari!

  2. Tari is all consumed with the far left liberal progressive marxist radicals that he is locked arm and arm with. He could not care less about our veterans. Extremely disgraceful. He deserves a strong and pointed dressing down at the next council meeting.

      1. The Mayor has likely been giving Steve the cold shoulder since he tried to hold him and the Council responsible. Of course, if Tari was politically savvy and a nice guy (both of which are untrue), he would have given this project to Steve and let him run with it. That way, Steve gets something and Tari can continue to ruin our local economy unabated.

  3. Danny Leifel for Mayor!! Why do ppl put up with this Teri guy? Wasteful spending and high taxes – now this? Shame! I only work in this town and pray his and Koos ‘ooze’ never flows my way!

  4. This situation is deplorable. Questions need to be asked to many people. Did you know about this and when? The mayor has done some unclean actions and this one is strongly distasteful. If this story is true, and I believe that it is, the mayor should either resign or be removed from office. Why does IWU continue to condone his actions? All IWU Alumni, women and men who are Veterans should complain to the University for allowing this man to continue to serve on their faculty. IWU should be ashamed. The reputation of Wesleyan
    is being sullied by this mayor. Mr. Mayor, the time has come for you to leave office, and also time for you to depart from this once fine community. Mr. Renner you are truly and unquestionably a small man.

    1. Yes Tarry is a small man – Confucius once said “A benevolent man always looks for the most ethical solution, a small man looks only at the most profitable solution” in Tarry’s case that would mean profitable only to HIM and the little pack of other beta males and harpies that grovel around him.

  5. Tari is WAAAY Too busy waving “his” rainbow in Boston to care about ANY important matters. This is just ANOTHER of MANY things that SHOWS he’s a bigot, hate monger, and puts ILLEGALS over U.S. citizens who fought for his happy A**!
    He SHOULD listen to the story on hate on WGLT. It tells how it makes “inferior people” or “listless people” empowered…

  6. Yea, another East Coast liberal that landed here. Leifel has a great history! I would vote for him in a minute. Tari is onlyinterested in vets at voting time. I’m sure he will find a veteran cause then.

  7. Wow, just wow, their incompetence is astounding and if it is not simple incompetence, then it is a disregard for both jobs for the community AND the needs of the local veterans – simply appalling (I would say deplorable, but being a proud deplorable I will NOT call them that)

  8. If the mayor can’t do his job then we taxpayers need to return those calls and get this project off the ground.

  9. Call YOUR council/alder person and ASK them WHO dropped the ball!
    Then comes the pink slips…

  10. My neighbor was out in downtown on a Saturday around Memorial Day. He was wearing red white and blue clothing and was sitting on a bench. The mayor approached him and made some small talk about his clothes and asked if he was a vet which he is not just supports veterans and such. My neighbor asked if he had a second for him to talk to him about something. (Our recycle has been missed numerous times and could not get it picked up.) the mayor said he does not like to talk about things while he is out and about. My neighbor told him anyway and was told to call city which he had and finally said he would look into it. What mayor says he doesn’t like to talk about things while he is out? That is what he in office for. I was floored when he told me this.
    The mayor is so out of touch and seems to be deaf to so many things.

  11. Here is a link to the agenda for April 2017.
    Swearing in of elected officials occurred on May 1, 2017. Then…the Japan trip fiasco and Renner’s leave of absence for medical reasons occurred. Wasn’t Hales looking for a new job at that time? Clearly, Renner and Hales were not thinking about a VA project even though Mental Health resources are supposed to be a high priority.

    Having said that, the Pantagraph article from April 2017 states:
    “VA would sign a 10-year lease for the clinic and anticipates selecting the site in October 2018, she said. Following design and construction or renovation, VA plans to complete the work in May 2019 and open the clinic two months later, she said.”

    I don’t know how RFPs work, but someone in the City’s Economic Development department or Hales should have been contacted by the VA. I’ve heard Austin Grammar is not the easiest person for businesses to work with.

    None of this really matters because it doesn’t change the fact that Renner treats nearly all people like crap. He refuses to take any responsibility. i’m sure he would turn on his buddies in a heartbeat. Wonder why the Council and community is “fractured?” Look to the Mayor.

  12. DITTO . Time to drain the swamp of those in office doing little , spending too much , valuing only party goals , not being accountable or respectful , and acting like they are king over the lowly peasants who are clueless . .send that smirk elsewhere …

  13. Its more important for King Tari to support illegals and make them citizen voters . To heck with US citizens and Vets they dont matter to liberals. US citizens and Vets are nothing but a hassle and a pocket book for liberals. This surprises me not at all. King Tari and his court jesters need to be removed and ONLY US citizens can do that!

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