County holds an illegal meeting!

By:  Diane Benjamin

This morning the McLean County Board held a meeting without announcing it.  Is the Open Meetings Act too difficult to understand?

Notice of ALL meetings most be posted 48 hours in advance along with the agenda.  This morning they held a legislative breakfast for the entire Board AND State Senators Bill Brady, Jason Barickman, and Chapin Rose, and State Representatives Dan Brady and Keith Sommer.

The only reason I know this meeting happened is because a candidate running for a Board seat posted about it on Facebook.  The only members of the public there were her and another candidate.  I’m not going to post her name since she obviously didn’t know she was attending an illegal meeting.  She ranted about no notice on the website, but never said it was illegal because it violated the Open Meetings Act.  She only stated these meeting SHOULD be posted.

She did post a pic with her story:

I will file a Request for Review with the Attorney General’s office, not that it matters.  Lisa Madigan never cared about laws for government.  She can’t be gone soon enough.

Don’t be stupid enough to vote for another Democrat for AG if you expect laws to matter.

I wonder if either of the candidates the Board is looking at to replace Jason Chambers failed to do the job of posting an agenda?  Both work for the County, we deserve to know who dropped the ball.










2 thoughts on “County holds an illegal meeting!

  1. You blame the Democrats and Lisa Madigan for not following the law, when Brady Barickman Brady and the majority of the McLean County Board are Republicans.

    Perhaps the reason nothing changes is because you blame the wrong people.


    1. The three you named don’t work for the County. The County is a repeat offender and the majority are Republicans. Government doesn’t follow the law because nobody is going to prosecute them for not doing it. All parties are equally guilty.


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