No money in it: Recycling

By:  Diane Benjamin

If money could be made from recycling, Normal wouldn’t have stopping funding drop off locations.. Midwest Fiber wouldn’t let the drop off boxes get stuffed to capacity creating a mess when people just leave the junk outside the bins.

I have been dropping of recycling for years behind Walmart in Normal.  These pics were taken early Saturday morning, they are fuzzy because it was raining.  The cardboard bin was totally packed.  The ones for paper and containers were very close to packed.

Evidently recycling isn’t as important as government wants us to believe it is.


4 thoughts on “No money in it: Recycling

      1. I’m guessing there could be some money in the aluminum; although, I wonder how much aluminum makes it to pickup day. I have seen people fishing cans out before, and I’m guessing some of those cans make a trip over to Morris Tick Co.


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