Ecology Action Center is livid

By:  Diane Benjamin

The local environmental activists thought they had their plan to force EVERYONE to recycle in the bag.  They spent two years meeting with people they call “stakeholders”.  Even if you did hear about one of their public meetings or hearings, I bet you didn’t go.

Details here:

Their plans to use force was defeated in a County committee, but the final vote of the County Board is January 16th.  To make sure the amendment to protect your freedom doesn’t get deleted through backroom deals, contact your County Board member.  Find contact information here:

I predict a party line vote with one or two people calling themselves Republicans voting with the Democrats.  Power corrupts and there is nothing better (to some) than making laws to tell people how they must live.  Anyone who supports the plan as written thinks they have that right for the “common good”.  Raising rents and crushing the poor is immaterial when the planet needs saved.

The Facebook page for the Ecology Action Center didn’t have any comment on last weeks vote.  Neither did their website.  I did find this gem on Facebook though:


Personally I think the weed crop that grows here every year is ugly, but they left one thing out.  Every spring that native prairie is burned!

Not only is the smoke pollution, how many ashes fall in the creek water?

The trail from the west side of the subdivision to Benjamin Elementary has been completed.  I’ve actually seen a few people using it.  The kids love stopping on the bridge across the creek and tossing rocks or whatever.

It’s all good!  Maybe they should advertise the burn this year and sell tickets.  Maybe a few recycling containers could be bought with the proceeds.  EAC could donate them to ISU apartments and then pick up the beer cans themselves.  Surely the kids that have been taught since kindergarten the earth wouldn’t exist when they turn 50 will help.

Force isn’t necessary, just enlist supporters.  Or, do the college kids expect somebody else to do it for them.  Has EAC asked?

I did find a few comments on Carlo Robustelli’s Facebook page to the newspaper story about the vote:

Julie Hile is the far left wacko who supports form based code and one of the three recruited to speak in Normal to support tax increases.

Very instructive indeed Julie!

Thanks for the heads-up on who should never be elected.






8 thoughts on “Ecology Action Center is livid

  1. IF you run on the FAR left of the road, you’ll kill someone HEAD-ON! That’s WHAT they do.
    Recycling is AN OPTION, not a mandatory thing, so give it up you dictators of the FREE WORLD!

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    1. This is something that should be taken note of even in light of the recent defeat of this measure:
      It may be a little out-of-the-ordinary that this measure would have taken the route of the county government. Legally, County government is statutorily subordinate to local government.
      So, this would have had no affect on City residents.
      Makes me wonder if this was simply an exercise/litmus test?
      It’s doubtful that an County Ordinance would have had adequate authority over City residents.
      Nevertheless, it’s also safe to say that local elected City Council representatives were/are not in the dark about this strategy and are privy to it.
      I haven’t read the proposal, but I would speculate that if it had passed on a County level, the next move would have pursued the municipal level residents.
      I would surmise that we haven’t heard the end of this and would be prepared for another assault to win this battle.


  2. They have had this in UK for a while, everything they do there they start trying here in a short amount of time – garbage/trash is a nightmare over there – they have all these separate little bins and if the bins are not in the exact designated area on pick up day it wont be picked up and if there is any mix of recyclables in with the “other stuff” there are warnings or fines also if your bin lid does not close all the way they won’t pick it up either.


  3. You know what’s instructive, Julie…the fact that you have no job without big government taking money from productive folks to hand to you to tell them how to continue taking money from us. Really instructive!


      1. “Moving Forward”, “mutual responsibility” and “addressing the current needs of our community” are other red flag phrases to watch for.


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