Another City employee!

By:  Diane Benjamin

Tonight Bloomington City Council:

PDF page 55.

This item is on the Consent Agenda.  That means it won’t be discussed unless an alderman pulls it.

The documentation doesn’t say what this person will do, what the job description is, what the salary will be, or what happens if the “Friends” don’t have the money.  The “Friends” schedule of payment means this new employee won’t be cheap.

The Friends of the BCPA is supposedly a nonprofit 501(c)(3), but no tax returns are available in the usual places.  The Council must think an agreement with unaccountable buddies is fine.

From BCPA website:

It looks to me like this person will be pushing for the Creativity Center.

This Council is following in Judy Markowitz’s footsteps.  They don’t care what you think or how much more you need to pay in taxes and fees.

They have an agenda and nothing will stop them.

You get to pay another pension!


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  1. How do you agree to pay benefits etc if you have not budgeted for those expenses. Last I checked it was illegal (not that it matters to our local elected officials) to spend money you have not budgeted for. Will they be doing an amendment to the budget?

  2. There are only two people who can place an item on the agenda, the Mayor or the City Manager. Having this on the Consent Agenda while everyone’s eyes are in the Downtown Task Force presentation is dirty dealing.

  3. Of those 5 on that board, were they in power or have businesses when Judy markowitz was mayor? I know tilton was .

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    1. If it has to do with the downtown, Tilton is pushing her vision. After all,the downtown is the neighborhood she lives, works and plays in.

    2. I believe, Tilton owns the Monroe Building and the spa located inside the building. I believe she lives there also.

  4. I never ealized that the city was such a sesspool. A microcosm of Il..No wonder the smart ones are leaving.

  5. On Oct 24, 2016, the Council voted on a Resolution regarding the Creativity Center.

    Section 2. The Bloomington City Council supports the renovation of the Creativity Center by private donation and hereby approves the use of previously raised Capital Campaign and HUD Grant funds to move forward on Creativity Center renovation project in phases as funding allows. The City of Bloomington will continue to maintain the facility in line with other City facilities. PDF page 369-370

    There is no mention of any new employees in this Resolution, only a commitment by the City to maintain the building.

    1. 1.) I’d be concerned about the provision that they owe nothing if the position is vacant for 6 months. What if it’s an “interim” director? That seems to be a way the city would be on the hook for everything.

      2.) Will the director even be able to raise more money than he or she takes in? Or would it be easier to have an existing employee send out fundraising renewals?

  6. Let’s put things into perspective here –
    A Development Manager will obviously be an Executive level position; that means the individual will work for/be under the direct supervision of the City Manager.
    While the DM will be housed in and with the newly merged DBA, it’s reasonable to presume this individual could/would be the direct link to the City Manager to better control the DBA, etc.
    Lest we forget, there is a new City Manager expected to fill the shoes of David Hales; Steve Rasmussen is not the permanent replacement.
    It’s also highly probable that the individual who assumes this position will not be a native Bloomingtonian, but an individual who has knowledge/experience in the implementation of the agenda’s grand scheme, and quite possibly, someone who may even know or have had experience with the new incoming City Manager.
    Do we know who that is yet?
    We don’t, but it’s not hard to believe that someone doesn’t.
    These types of actions don’t just happen randomly.

    1. Ah yes, the BCPA. With tax dollars, it takes from the working poor and gives to the upper middle class. Now the government will further support this effort with money that disproportionately hurts the working poor. You can’t make this up! I bet the IRS Form 990sm which are required to be accessible to the public, will show a low balance in the “Friends of BCPA” account. And why not, Uncle Tari can raise the money!

  7. My mind is absolutely blown! Karen tabled this! I’m almost afraid because it is sooo Out of Character for her. If you are reading this we have to stay on top of this item because I can guarantee this is not the end of the citizen fleecing going on Downtown. Pay attention my friends.

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