By:  Diane Benjamin Homeland Security has not issued a valid retainer for Jose Rodriguez.  They knew when they sent one signed by an immigration officer instead of a judge it wasn’t valid in Illinois because former REPUBLICAN Governor Rauner signed the Trust Act. I looked up who voted to make Illinois a sanctuary State, none […]

Rauner did this – Homeland Security

By:  Diane Benjamin When Jose Rodriguez was arrested last week for the fatal accident his fingerprints were run through the FBI database.  That tipped off Homeland Security who issued an immigration detainer for him. Because Illinois’ former governor signed the Trust Act, McLean County could not hold him for ICE.  The retainer was signed by […]

Guess who visited now?

22 May 10:44:34 IE 8.0 Win7 Washington, District of Columbia, United States Department Of Homeland Security ( [Label IP Address]  blnnews.com/2013/05/21/if-you-protest-the-irs-homeland-security-shows-up/ (No referring link) How do you like living in a police state?  When the government spies are everywhere, the Constitution is immaterial. You can stick your head back below ground now.  Thanks.  


Will the U.S. soon face a critical situation in which the federal government– primarily the Department of Homeland Security – possesses an ammunition surplus while local and state authorities face ammunition shortages and backlogs in purchasing more rounds? Current trends could find the federal government with a strong ammunition advantage over local police and sheriff […]