Does Media Ever get Tired of Being Lied To?

By:  Diane Benjamin

Yesterday WGLT did this story:  Youth-Soccer-B-N-Preps-Multisport-Complex-Or-Not

One thing is clear, YOU have to stop this complex if you don’t want yet another multi-million dollar money pit!

The story contains this statement:


Anybody see a problem?

We are expected to believe it is so dangerous for the kids to play soccer at the airport they have to relocate.

Then the lease is extended for many years anyway!

Does media ever question anything that doesn’t make sense?

Evidently not.  They just regurgitate what they are told.

Where did the danger lie start?  I know it was before 2013.

Remember when Citizens Advocating for Youth Sports tried to get a complex and a new YMCA?  All they wanted was a tax increase!  That was August 2013.

This statement is in the introduction letter:

faa security There it is again – so dangerous the kids can only stay another 5 years!

See the entire introduction:  CAAY

Over a year ago I wrote a story after receiving a FOIA from the FAA:

The FOIA did not contain anything about it being dangerous or mention Homeland Security!

There are lots of links in that story to what really happened.

In 2017 the current airport director, Carl Olson, wrote this email to the FAA 2017:

carl to FAA

Carl received this lengthy response – it tells the real story:

ffa to carlfaa to carl 1faa to carl 2

Obviously danger and Homeland Security has nothing to do with making the kids leave.  Continuing to get grant money does.  Will the media finally do their own research and stop the lies?

 – – – Doubtful – – –

So what lies are being told about the proposed $50,000,000 sports complex?  Who is going to profit?  It certainly won’t be taxpayers!  The complex isn’t for the kids, many will not be able to afford to play there.

One more note, the WGLT story ignored the soccer complex Millennium FC Soccer is building themselves.

Maybe they didn’t know anything about it!  Maybe they didn’t want their readers to know about it.

Which one is it WGLT?


7 thoughts on “Does Media Ever get Tired of Being Lied To?

  1. The soccer fields at the airport were flooded this Spring….boo hoo. People’s basements were flooded. One lesson the soccer club should be teaching is; you need to work for goals and trophies. Entitlement is not an attractive trait and does not prepare the youth for adulthood.

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  2. Cities 92.9 did a story millennium FC and Nord fields during Scott Robbins morning show. Had a couple representatives from millennium FC to talk about their facility, how it came about, and their program. Very informative. I wonder why the drive by media ignores this lol.

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  3. I don’t see the problem letting PCSL continue to use the land adjacent to the airport. In the first item you quoted, it says ” The FAA will no long allow activities on property next to a MAJOR airport.” I don’t think of CIRA as a major airport anymore. When Air Tran was taken over by Southwest and eventually pulled from CIRA, it’s been downhill ever since.

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  4. The sports complex is a gift to the unions and the local establishment business cronies that will sell, as vendors, to their pals in government. This has nothing to do with economic development, kids, or soccer. Sadly, local leadership is using children, their parents, and gullible residents, to peddle this boondoggle in the making.

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