Gleason thinks the Council works for him

By: Diane Benjamin More on this story: Tim Gleason wasn’t at the meeting where hiring a federal lobbyist firm for $270,000 over 3 years was voted down. It wouldn’t have gone that direction if he had been there, he’s a master at changing the minds of council members. Tim Gleason is the employee of […]

$6 million to $9.35 million in one month

By:  Diane Benjamin On June 22 the Town of Normal held a special meeting just to approve submitting a grant request to the State of Illinois for funds to fix West College: This plan also included extending the trail, the cost estimate just for the trail wasn’t listed – just the total: If other […]

Normal on fixing West College

By:  Diane Benjamin The purpose of the meeting last night was only to approve the Town’s share of funding so a grant could be obtained to fix West College. The construction includes extending the trail.  No details were allowed to be discussed like how a railroad track would be crossed and still be ADA compliant.  […]

Normal: Outrageous Price!

By:  Diane Benjamin At Monday’s Council meeting at was announced they think the formerly $24,000,000 underpass can be built for $22,000,000.  This Uptown vanity won’t allow a single car to avoid sitting at a crossing waiting for a train to pass.  It won’t stop people from crossing the tracks on foot at other crossings. Compare […]

Does Media Ever get Tired of Being Lied To?

By:  Diane Benjamin Yesterday WGLT did this story:  Youth-Soccer-B-N-Preps-Multisport-Complex-Or-Not One thing is clear, YOU have to stop this complex if you don’t want yet another multi-million dollar money pit! The story contains this statement: Anybody see a problem? We are expected to believe it is so dangerous for the kids to play soccer at the airport […]

Darin Lahood: public embarrassment

By:  Diane Benjamin US representative Darin Lahood must know about the BILLIONS the federal government is throwing at public transportation.  The local bus services only loses $900,000 every month, but many cities lose more.  The federal government is wasting our tax dollars evidently for votes.  Seriously folks, people can’t be transported locally for less money […]

10 Minute Investigation

By:  Diane Benjamin Today’s paper has an article listing every organization that will receive a grant from the Illinois Prairie Community Foundation.  They are handing out $157,347 to 73 programs. Since the Pantagraph has a policy against investigative journalism, I did it for them. The Illinois Prairie Community Foundation tax return for the year ended […]

Bloomington spending Monday:

By:  Diane Benjamin Bills and Payroll Monday night: The report shows paying 461 Bi-Weekly employees and 361 Weekly.  That’s a total of 822 employees. January 2015:  458 Bi-Weekly and 335 Weekly Total 793 That’s an increase in employees of 29 in 2 years. SLBB:  Sick Leave Buy Back (Pension Spiking) Ashley Furniture: We have NO idea where […]

Monday: Bloomington’s spending spree:

By:  Diane Benjamin Bills and Payroll: This is a wire transfer – no other information is available.  Most likely it’s property downtown. The City is giving away more of your money: Remember when I reported on huge phone bills: Sprint charges weren’t included in that story.  The City has Verizon, Frontier, and now Sprint.   […]

Bloomington (questionable) spending

By:  Diane Benjamin Monday’s Bills and Payroll: More spiked pension expense: More Interest-Free loans? I don’t care how great the cause is, what statute allows the City to hand out your money to people they chose?  Most people call this vote-buying: More handouts:  I’m guessing the City if buying tickets to a Chamber event for […]

Monday PCard and bills

By:  Diane Benjamin Bills and Payroll for Monday night: This one is easy Patti Lynn – no need to belong to anything!  111 felony counts could have easily been prevented!   With Tari now PCardless and David Hales gone, money saved.  The City Council still ate at your expense: Why did Public Works need pizza […]

PCard Freedom Day!

By:  Diane Benjamin PDF page 118 NO Tari free lunches in October: (No expense report payments are included either) Buy local doesn’t apply to government – cordless blower for Administration? Why is Bloomington supporting a non-profit with your money?  Are they buying votes?  What about that Chili Cook-off?  Do laws matter? Why does government […]

Atlanta: Where is $161,238?

By:  Diane Benjamin On 4/12/2016, the City of Atlanta took out a loan at the Atlanta National Bank for $495,000 to buy FIFTEEN ACRES – $33,000 an acre for undeveloped land with no water, sewer,  roads or infrastructure. See the loan document here – PDF page 15  HERE That link is what the City of Atlanta […]

While you weren’t watching . . .

by:  Diane Benjamin 1) Mayor Transparency is now not listing the cost of items on the agenda.  See tonight’s agenda here:  Go to page 114 to find out the Motor Fuel Tax is being raided to pay for street light electricity. This tax was passed as being for the streets – not lights:  (Page […]

Good Fairy Durbin

By:  Diane Benjamin Dickie Durbin is throwing YOUR money all over the state.  The war on poverty, launched under LBJ, should have completely eliminated it by now, but no.  Instead it enslaved people IN poverty.  Obviously throwing money at people doesn’t work.  That doesn’t stop Dickie however. Bloomington got some, not enough to do […]

Local government no longer local

by:  Diane Benjamin Grants, grants, grants.  Every level of government in Illinois is looking for grants.  They are more than happy to take State or Federal money, complete with the strings attached. Indiana Gov Pence just refused $10,000,000 from the Feds:  He realizes giving the Federal Government more years to indoctrinate kids is bad […]

Welfare Country

by:  Diane Benjamin Collecting money from government has turned millions of people into government slaves.  Government is NOT being compassionate, they did it on purpose.  The population must look to government to solve their problems or government is unnecessary.  What better way to establish job security than having peons beg at your feet just to […]

Local Sovereignty: How to get it back

This post if for citizens who understand America is on the wrong track.  It is insanity to send our money to Washington and Springfield and then beg for some back – subject to their rules and regulations.  Who is REALLY making local decisions? LOCAL control means the people have control, not far away bureaucrats attempting to socially […]

Normal Illinois Saves the Country!

by:  Diane Benjamin CPA, reg The total cost figures for the multi-modal transportation station vary from report to report – but I will use the ones listed in the Pantagraph above: Total Cost:                      $43,300,000 Tiger grant:                    $22,000,000 […]