Bloomington spending Monday:

By:  Diane Benjamin

Bills and Payroll Monday night:

The report shows paying 461 Bi-Weekly employees and 361 Weekly.  That’s a total of 822 employees.

January 2015:  458 Bi-Weekly and 335 Weekly Total 793

That’s an increase in employees of 29 in 2 years.

SLBB:  Sick Leave Buy Back (Pension Spiking)

Ashley Furniture:

We have NO idea where this money is going, probably looking for “right fit”.

More Grants and Loans

Sister Cities:

More Sister Cities (More FOIA’s):

Yes, this means money is being spent that isn’t budgeted. A FOIA will reveal whether the travelers reimbursed the City.



7 thoughts on “Bloomington spending Monday:

  1. Some of these amounts are staggering, and that “Sister Cities” malarkey, and forgive my ignorance, but Ramos is a construction guy, what is the loan stuff by his name for? I know he is one of the “approved” construction guys. They need to spell it ALL out when they spend our money – They need to give detailed accounts that are published regularly or open for anyone to view whenever. If I give a kid money I want to know what they are spending it on – same goes for these over grown brats who constantly have their hand out for MORE. In other words not just “office furniture” I want to see something like “Three desks, and three office chairs” I want to see “Twelve 6 inch subs, 12 bags of chips and 12 sodas” not just “Light meal for 12” and that better not cost $124.95 when it can be had at Subway for $72.00 (plus tax of course). The amount of money that could be saved in this city just 50, 100, 1000 at a time is amazing, if only we had REAL people in positions of power who REALLY know how to cut corners and look for the best bargains and not these clueless elitist idiots. You know, like the type who pay over 1,000 dollars for an airline ticket that can be had for less than 500 pretty much any day of the week…


      1. Ahh ok thank you, I missed the “rebate’ part, Ashley does have good prices, but I never like the bribing places to locate. I guess it’s just part of “doing business” though.


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