10 Minute Investigation

By:  Diane Benjamin

Today’s paper has an article listing every organization that will receive a grant from the Illinois Prairie Community Foundation.  They are handing out $157,347 to 73 programs.


Since the Pantagraph has a policy against investigative journalism, I did it for them.

The Illinois Prairie Community Foundation tax return for the year ended 6/30/2017 is on-line:    https://projects.propublica.org/nonprofits/organizations/371377415/201820089349301457/IRS990



Now look at their contributions and expenses:


Why did contributions more than double?

More money was collected in the year ended 6/30/2017 than the previous year – but they gave out less in grants?!?

Of course salaries must eat part of the contributions.

Also note this “non-profit” had assets of $14,937,021 at the end of the year.  The Pantagraph is celebrating them giving away $157,347.

See who the Directors and Officers of this organization are on Page 7 on the link above.

See their website here:    https://ilprairiecf.org/



2 thoughts on “10 Minute Investigation

  1. Much like the American Cancer Society that holds more than $1 billion cash in the bank.
    Cancer – it’s a business and all the shareholders at every stop expect to make a profit.

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