Normal’s handouts tonight

By:  Diane Benjamin

Bills for approval tonight:

This is the guy running Normal:

On 4/16 he was paid $20,658.49

These payments total $24,994.08

More non-profit give-ways:

(website: )

Even more give-away

(You pay taxes to Normal so they can give it to Heartland who also taxes you)

So you don’t forget how much rent is for an entire floor across the street:

Remember the days of saving to buy a house instead of taking taxpayer money?

More Tiger Grant spending:

(Free money is getting expensive, even if you don’t get it)





  1. I am definitely in the wrong business. I think I need to go to Vistaprint, spend 10 bucks and make up some “Strategic Planning Consultant” cards and start shopping myself out to gullible progressive town “leaders”. I could retire in no time….


  2. Don’t forget extending the TIF in Uptown that’s also on tonight’s agenda.


  3. BN Deserves Better says:

    Seems ol’ Lyle here is no stranger to dodging transparency. Looks like a FOIA was required in Florida to bring some transparency. Sounds familiar, eh Diane? The Florida journalist was kind enough to share Lyle’s 168-page presentation. This might give us some insight into what’s headed our way in Normal. I’m sure the Pantagraph has already dispatched it’s top investigative reporter (hahahahaha!), but just in case I’ll share with the BLN News community.


  4. garibaldi says:

    What is the Tiger grant for. Does Woods need a new putter?


  5. According to Lyle, we don’t get to see how the “brats” are made. Was he trying to woo a Midwest crowd with that analogy?”

    Don’t you just love when they try to be all “folksy”? It’s always so lame – I can even hear the intonation.


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