UPDATE: Normal: Don’t do it!


It passed with 2 no votes by Scott Preston and Jeff Fritzen.  Video you won’t want to miss tomorrow!

By:  Diane Benjamin

Monday night Normal will consider a “Welcoming Ordinance” for people who have no legal right to be in this country.

We pass laws to protect law breakers?

We pass law for specific interest groups?

We pass laws to protect illegal activity?

Are we now a Banana Republic?

We are a Republic – not a Democracy!

The loudest voices have no right to set laws for everybody else.

Where is the Equal Justice under the law?

The Welcoming Ordinance is a slap in the face to LEGAL immigrants.  Undocumented immigrants made their own bed, now they expect laws changed to protect them.  That is a slap in the face to EVERY American.  Citizenship means nothing if Normal passes the Ordinance.

We are supposedly a country of laws, even if it is getting more and more difficult to tell.  Government officials and their kids can break the law and get by with it.  Illegal aliens think they can break the law and get by with it.

Personal responsibility must be demanded of every person living in this country.  Anarchy exists when laws don’t matter.  It isn’t compassion to enable your kids to get by with breaking rules and it isn’t compassion to allow those here illegally to not pay the price.  Both create the entitlement citizens who think government owes them.  These same people aren’t going to stop with a Welcoming Ordinance, next up will be the right to vote.

If Normal does pass the ordinance we live in a lawless society.

The only people who can’t break the law are the ones forced to pay the bills.  The lawbreakers will attend Monday’s meeting, if your rights as an American citizen have no value, stay home.






19 thoughts on “UPDATE: Normal: Don’t do it!

  1. The decision has already been made. It was made behind closed doors between the Town and the special interest groups. There is no mention of input from the general public. The special interest group, most not residents of Normal, “approached” the Town to implement this ordinance. The action is because of 2016 election results.
    Additionally, this is what happens when the Executive and Judicial Branch of government attempt to MAKE laws. This is what happens when elected officials do not understand or refuse to accept how the U.S. government works.
    It requires a tremendous amount of courage to uphold the law of the land.
    Where are the voices to defend that law? Silence makes you complicit.


      1. Where are their public voices? I have no sympathy for those who complain but don’t speak out in public. Two year olds throw tantrums. Adults/community elders speak with knowledge, wisdom and courage.

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      2. Koos and the Council are chickens. They won’t stand up to a liberal pressure group. They figure it’s better to appease and give them something to go away. Wonder if they were threatened with ongoing protests unless they caved. This is such a go along to get along community. No one is willing to take a stand. Will Chief Bleichner make a statement or did Koos already get to him?


  2. Trump has deported over 1 million legal immigrants.

    This ordinance would prevent legal as well as illegals.



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    1. Tom, get your facts straight. There is a PROPOSAL to not renew TEMPORARY visas for certain groups. Both Clinton & Obama have deported more immigrants than Trump. There is an effort being made for immigration reform. There are also checks and balances within the Federal government. Just because the president, any president, makes an executive order doesn’t mean it will be held up in court. The Congress should have passed the Dream Act (or a variation) and Obama’s DACA program is temporary—it has an end date which has passed. Plus, the participants have to renew there “visa.”
      What you are spewing is Democratic Party propaganda.

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  3. A “Welcoming Ordinance” is a “stick in the eye” at every law abiding citizen and legal immigrant. It is also tantamount to a declaration of war against a law abiding society. Its’ supporters and advocates need to be treated to the maximum legally allowed savagery for what they are purposely doing to this country.

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  4. WHAT part of ILLEGAL does NOT this administration understand? ILLEGAL, MEANS against the law! PERIOD! So, if you’re in law enforcement , that’s like saying “screw the police”? I don’t get it.. AND it;s NOT just latinos, it’s people of EVERY nationality, and there COULD be spies, terrorists, subversives, etc, among the group. Don’t get me wrong. I’m sure that MOST of the folks , GIVEN the chance to be LEGAL are OK! But it’s that ONE in the batch that makes it WRONG and could be the one that WANTS to HURT people!


    1. One of their “fearless” er “unapologetically progressive” leaders is Jenn Carillo who moved to Ward 6 a month ago with the use of a “Go fund me” account so she could run for City Council. She represents the “character” of the group.


  5. Wow! You really did a flip Diane. Your last post said the community organizers had lost and the Ordinance would be meaningless. Now you say it will create a lawless society. Hmm…


      1. Yes, they celebrate every little “nudge” knowing every inch piles up in their favor – they even still crow that HRC won because she got so many votes in the People’s Republic of Kalifornia. They don’t really understand a Republic form of government which is why they constantly bray about “our democracy”. I chalk it up to the complete erosion of their comprehension skills after suffering with TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) and also their BOAS (Barack Obama Adoration Syndrome) They are not really all that bright but dangerous – their “leaders” are cunning, however and know how to manipulate the flock quite well, though they too are often a bit “limited” when drawn out of their comfort zones.


  6. This “ordinance” will start a very slippery slope. A slippery slope that will result in increased crime & more and more taxpayer dollars being spent to support those who choose to come in illegally. Just read the news , and I dont mean the rag. The real news. Look at New York, California & Chicago. The crime rates are out of control. You want to know what illegals do? Ask Kate S. family in California . Also, when government is allowed to break the law once, doing it again and again gets easier and easier.

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  7. Love the Orwellian terms surrounding this debate. “Undocumented” means I left my wallet on the kitchen counter when I walked the dog this morning. These individuals are here illegally, as in they broke federal law.


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