When Radicals run your Town:

By:  Diane Benjamin

If Normal passes the Welcoming Ordinance tonight, they are empowering leftist radicals.

Bloomington and Normal are chasing people out of town by giving into radicals.  It started with citizens second guessing the actions of the police.  It continues with laws ignored via a Welcoming Ordinance.  Now they think they should pick the next Bloomington Police Chief!   Maybe they can find one like the Sheriff in Florida who keep the officers out while the school was being shot up!

Had enough Community Organizing yet?  The 60’s are back!

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4 thoughts on “When Radicals run your Town:

  1. Black Lives Matters continues its pattern of forcing black issues to the back of the bus while promoting pet issues of local upper middle class white liberals. Black Lives Matter except for when it comes to competing for jobs and public services with illegal immigrants.

    1. Exactly, upper-middle-class liberal elite white people get to claim the moral high ground of diversity by supporting BLM, then retire for the evening to the comfort of their McMansion in a lily-white enclave.

  2. Just left the circle in Normal been there for a couple of hours holding my sign that said Kathryn Steiinle killed because of a sanctuary city ordinance. Spoke to several residents that supported my cause spoke to 2 news media’s but after the last interaction where they gave me 3 seconds tv time I am not holding my breath. To the young man from the large group supporting the welcoming city ordinance who made a derogatory remark to me as his group walked into the city building how dare you make light of the murder of a young girl by a known bad illegal alien. Is this indicative of the intelligence of those in your group?

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