Unit 5: Community Organizing by the local socialists

By: Diane Benjamin This is video of what met people wanting to attend the Unit 5 School Board meeting last night. Local socialist organizer Sonny Garcia is speaking with the bullhorn. Sonny is employed by Illinois State University, from Open The Books.com The yellow vests are their own security team. There was a sign on […]

Hey Jenn Carrillo – you got 379 votes

By:  Diane Benjamin Being marginalized for her socialist views at Council meeting after Council meeting isn’t stopping Jenn Carrillo!  She only won because most of her Ward stayed home on election day.  Make that mistake next year at your own peril. Remember when Mayor Koos berated Stan Nord for daring to talk to a friend […]

Crabill, Carrillo, and Connect Transit

By:  Diane Benjamin In February, Connect Transit had a whooping $115,785.44 in revenue. That revenue didn’t cover 25% of the wages they paid to employees. ($470,076.10) Total expenses for February were $1,025,579.65. Drum roll please – they only lost $909,794.21! PDF page 10:    https://drive.google.com/file/d/1f2onCQqMAcgBJYz2K8wJRQemNshaqk2T/view Both Bloomington and Normal give your tax dollars to this […]

Nikita brings Chicago here

By:  Diane Benjamin I’ve been sent this information by a LOT of people, so it’s time to share it.  Yes, McLean County is being community organized using Chicago style campaigning with Chicago residents being bused here.  I wonder if they will be bused here to vote too? Since Chicago is the poster city for high […]

PSCRB Update (Police Review Board)

By:  Diane Benjamin Follow-up to this story:  https://blnnews.com/2018/05/09/setting-wedges/ The majority of the minutes are now listed on the website for the Police Safety and Community Relations Board.  They first met in December 2017, no minutes are available from that meeting.  If you want to see the January 2018 minutes, you have to read the February packet. […]

When Radicals run your Town:

By:  Diane Benjamin If Normal passes the Welcoming Ordinance tonight, they are empowering leftist radicals. Bloomington and Normal are chasing people out of town by giving into radicals.  It started with citizens second guessing the actions of the police.  It continues with laws ignored via a Welcoming Ordinance.  Now they think they should pick the next […]

Community (Organizing) Bus

By:  Diane Benjamin Connect Transit can not cover wages with what people pay to ride the bus.  Every month operations loses around $800,000 – that’s EVERY month. That is taxpayer money being used to drive empty buses around town!  Next to bike lanes without bikes, buses are an abomination to anyone who pays taxes.  Government’s […]