PSCRB Update (Police Review Board)

By:  Diane Benjamin

Follow-up to this story:

The majority of the minutes are now listed on the website for the Police Safety and Community Relations Board.  They first met in December 2017, no minutes are available from that meeting.  If you want to see the January 2018 minutes, you have to read the February packet.

This Board is having A LOT of meetings for a group formed only to hear complaints about the police that the police have already handled.  They are meeting monthly and having quarterly meetings.  A lawyer from Springfield is being paid to attend as well as City staff.  The are creating a brochure for the public.  Yes, they are spending taxpayer dollars without having a budget.

Public comment is listed on the agenda, no one has ever spoke.  The public waits until they have a question and answer period between them and the Board.

I STRONGLY suggest you read the March 2018 minutes:

The same radicals who wanted this Board and the Welcoming Ordinance are now trying to change the rules.  At some point they will tell the Council the ordinance creating this board has to change.

Welcome to Community Organizing 101.  If the Council passes the Welcoming Ordinance the exact same thing will happen.  Progressives never quit pushing their agenda, the laws must be what they want.  Public Safety and common sense aren’t allowed.  The Council made a huge mistake when they allowed people status to second guess the police.  A Welcoming Ordinance will give them a new platform leading to voting rights for illegals.

See all the minutes that are available here:

My FOIA request was denied again, funny how the minutes appear after I FOIA them.










9 thoughts on “PSCRB Update (Police Review Board)

  1. Cinnamon Porter of BLM—the same person who posted on FB, #BLUELIVESDONTEXIST—the same person who misrepresented the Mom released for the Mother’s Day Bail Out—wants changes to the role of the Public RELATIONS Board to meet her wants.
    People hear what they want to hear. Go back and read the minutes of the Council meeting and the ordinance.

      1. All of the facts matter!! Knowledge is powerful!! If people don’t bother to read the entire story, they remain ignorant.

  2. Their little board is just another tool, another wedge to open things up for them to foul the enforcement of laws more and more with their “feelings” agenda. These are not smart people, BUT they are diabolically clever people who get themselves integrated into these things to further push their twisted ideas. It’s “nudge” over and over and over, it’s just that frog in the pot of water slowly being boiled to death – that’s their MO, and until it is stopped in it’s infancy they will continue to use the same MO in every situation. They also “weight” these “review boards” heavily in favor of their progressive agendas, why and how? because they already hold sway over pretty much everything.

  3. In one of the meeting’s minutes, it is reported that the Board questioned why the majority of “stakeholders” who wanted the formation of the Police Safety and Community Relations Board were not attending the meetings…hmmm!! It appears the activists are not truly interested or invested in the program.

      1. Agreed. While I don’t trust or endorse this board and its motives, I’m not seeing a lot to worry about. This will meet with failure in time. The way its designed and thus far executed suggests it can’t be more than a pipedream. I’d expect the police to continue going through the motions with these goons and waiting for them to give up and go on to the next liberal cause of the month.

  4. Speaking of Cinnamon Porter and her gaggle at the YWCA… I wonder why the Pantywaste isn’t allowing comments on the counterfeit money passers story who were recently arrested? I wonder when BLM is going to bail them out and have their mouthpieces at the Pantywaste print a front page article about it? LOL!

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