United Way Tax Returns

By:  Diane Benjamin

For the year ending June 30, 2017 United Way collected a $1,000,000 less than the previous year.  Total revenue was $2.1 million, so a million less is huge.

22% of the Revenue went to salaries and benefits.  The previous year only 18% went to employees.

See page one of the tax return they filed here:   https://projects.propublica.org/nonprofits/organizations/370661505/201743149349301729/IRS990

When you give money to an organization like United Way, you are trusting them to give your money to worthy organizations.  Do you know who decides who gets money?

Scroll down at this link to see the list of 27 people listed as chair, directors, etc:   https://projects.propublica.org/nonprofits/organizations/370661505/201743149349301729/IRS990

We don’t know how many actually attend meetings or who actually makes decisions.  

I quit giving to United Way many years ago when they supported Planned Parenthood.  They no longer do that, but do you know who does gets your money?

You should!  See the list here:


There are lots of very worthy causes and one that I wouldn’t want a dime of my money going to:

They claim the money is for child care, but this money allows them to be radical.

The YWCA is behind the PSCRB (Police Review Board).  They are behind the Welcoming Ordinance.  The Y was involved with Black Lives Matter and bailing a mom out of jail for Mother’s Day.  The latest campaign is straight out of Nancy Pelosi’s playbook:  Women only earn 79 cents for every dollar men do.  If this was true:

Men would never get hired! 

Only women would have jobs because those greedy business owners want cheap labor.

They always leave out the type of work being done and how much time women take off raising kids.  If more women did take off and raise kids (or dads), maybe kids wouldn’t be shooting up schools – but I digress.

Maybe the YWCA should look at REAL pay discrepancies.  Like CNN?  Try this link:   http://money.cnn.com/2016/10/21/news/clinton-paid-women-less/index.html

How about Dickie Durbin?   http://illinoisreview.typepad.com/illinoisreview/2014/10/durbin-paid-top-woman-less-than-man-federal-records-show.html

The real women abusers get off the hook!

In June the YWCA has a Dash Against Discrimination!

Proceeds from this event allow YWCA to continue our work to eliminate racism, empower women, and promote peace, justice, freedom, and dignity for all.

Utopia is only your dollars away from being glorious!

The YWCA is now part of the left who constantly attack traditional values.  They think stirring up the uniformed will get them out to vote.  Angry loud people claiming “love” want to control what you think, how you live, and how you spend your money (or lack of it after government seizes it).

The Y isn’t called the Young Women’s Christian Association anymore, the letters stand for nothing.  They are now Community Organizers.  I wonder who gave them that idea?

Democracy means the loudest voices intimidate the rest.  They don’t even realize America is not and has never been a democracy.

I sure hope your kids aren’t in day care at left-wing mini-U.  I can only imagine what propaganda they are being fed.

Final word on the United Way:

More than 20% of donations last year went to pay people to hand out your money.  Look at the list and pick organizations yourself.  The Salvation Army is more than worthy.  Cut out the middle-man.  Paying somebody else to distribute money is a dream job for them and can be a nightmare for you.

Live generously yourself!








7 thoughts on “United Way Tax Returns

  1. I stopped giving to these jokers years ago. Give directly to the charities of your choice and keep these people away from your money. It is my home that all of them have to get real jobs in the real world before long…

  2. “In June the YWCA has a Dash Against Discrimination!
    Proceeds from this event allow YWCA to continue our work to eliminate racism, empower women, and promote peace, justice, freedom, and dignity for all.”
    Sounds like this was planned by Lil’ Jenn.

  3. Shame On You, Diane! You ARE NOT allowed to investigate the McLean County United Way in ANY manner! They are a sacred institution, above reproach. So important that, over the years, more than a few workers have been fired by “major employers” for refusing to make a contribution. You must just shut up and write them a check–no questions asked.

    Seriously, they are to charity what Tari is to local government.

  4. ADMINISTRATION is the BIGGEST blood sucking leech of ANY non-profit organization!
    My neighbor refurbishes bicycles for “underprivileged” children who cannot buy one or whose parents can’t either! He USED to give bicycles to the HSHM (Home Sweet Home Mission) But he quit when he found out that they would get bicycles from him and SELL THEM! He said, “Nuff of that crap”
    When I find an old discarded bike on the curb, or my friends do, We simply drop it off in his drive and he basically has a TOTAL bike shop in his garage, and he’s there ALL the time working on bikes for needy children, but HSHM, soured that for them, and now he takes a lot to Peoria. He does maybe 1,000 bikes a year! It’s FUN to watch him ride one he’s working on up the street then DOWN, And then say “NEEDS new brakes” He gets it done though, and without charging ANYONE a penny!
    He has some REALLY NICE bikes that are collector items that have been thrown out!
    But he’s given MANY away! THAT’S CITIZENSHIP!

  5. Bloomington-Normal has a huge non-profit industrial complex that employs 100s perhaps 1000s of people. I’m sure many do great work and we should be thankful. However, too many of these suck out massive amounts of money to pay for administrative costs. It was once said that non-profits don’t want to be too successful, as it would mean an end to their program. Probably not far off. Anyway, I understand that at one time, the United Way of McLean County had considered closing up shop. With the declining workforce and lower paying jobs in BN, I’d expect some non-profits to consolidate or close up shop altogether. There are only so many donors and donations to go-around.

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