600 jobs lost

By:  Diane Benjamin


Compared to April of 2017, April of 2018 saw 600 fewer jobs in Bloomington-Normal:

Decatur gained 200

The State Farm bloodbath is just beginning, but here’s worse news:

200 more bureaucrats are employed?

That’s bad news for your wallet and the future of Bloomington-Normal.

200 more people dreaming up how to create utopia with your money.   200 more people with Cadillac healthcare and pensions.  200 more people who think they can solve local problems using the power of government to do it.

Leisure and Hospitality jobs are low wage.  High paying jobs that aren’t in government continue to disappear.

The City Councils need to quit blaming the Internet and the State for falling revenues, losing 600 jobs obviously means less spending money!  Growing low-wage jobs won’t help.

Government spending for a sports complex or downtown transfer station will guarantee the decline continues.








8 thoughts on “600 jobs lost

      1. I think Finance Dept added some—a priority based budgeting expert. Also, a few Public Safety positions—I won’t complain about that, though. Where the others are is a mystery.

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  1. This is the just the beginning for State Farm, sadly. Compounding the decline in the workforce is the type of workers coming and going. State Farm is adding low skill, low wage jobs in BN while relocating IT and tech-related jobs to different cities.

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  2. State Farm is basically getting RID of “dead weight” and such, so I’d imagine the Wallys of the world will be looking for a job at The McLean County Museum of HIstory or MAYBE running for city council! Wouldn’t THAT be entertaining?
    Heard on the news this eve that 17 people a DAY are LEAVING Illinois, so Tari and his cronies will soon be able to tell EACH OTHER what to do! KARMA!
    Maybe Amelia can get these State Farm people to BUILD her brick streets and Tari can have them paint pictures of the businesses that USED to be here!
    Rivian will deliver the goods!
    And Portillos will cover the tax bill! RIGHT KOOS??
    Where’s that NEW Kroger store Tari?

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    1. Not only are they getting rid of dead weight – the running joke among Farmers is: “How many people work at State Farm: About 1/2”, but they are a company that is in free fall right now. Rather than go into a lengthy explanation of what I mean, I will just provide a link to the State Farm layoff site again, so everyone can see for themselves. Imagine a WW 1 biplane spinning and smoking as it descends toward earth… that is what is happening right now at State Farm. https://www.thelayoff.com/state-farm


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