How much did TV commercials cost?

By:  Diane Benjamin

Remember the 15 second commercial run on television for the Bloomington Public Library?

I received the cost by FOIA:

The FOIA response claims two television commercials were produced. I only received one in response to my FOIA request.

NOTE:  All of the commercials that

have run have not been billed.


5 thoughts on “How much did TV commercials cost?

  1. So, the City is using old, overpriced advertising methods (TV ads) to attract visitors to an antiquated method for consuming knowledge (library). Makes sense. Who here watches TV commercials? Probably all those millennials and young people. Haha! People just fast-forward the show that they DVR, which they’re watching on their own time. The City lives in the Stone Age.


  2. Library cards and those 600 other programs are NOT FREE! They are paid for by taxpayer dollars. Everything that centers around the library from the turing on the lights to emptying the garbage is paid for by the taxpayers!

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