Hey Jenn Carrillo – you got 379 votes

By:  Diane Benjamin

Being marginalized for her socialist views at Council meeting after Council meeting isn’t stopping Jenn Carrillo!  She only won because most of her Ward stayed home on election day.  Make that mistake next year at your own peril.

Remember when Mayor Koos berated Stan Nord for daring to talk to a friend of his in Bloomington about combining fire departments?  https://blnnews.com/2019/07/31/did-chris-koos-lie-part-2/

Evidently the same standard doesn’t apply to Carrillo.  She continually attempts to push her socialist agenda when nobody cares what she thinks.  This email was received by FOIA from Normal (after much stalling).  Bloomington continues to stall getting her emails.  Hey Bloomington, I don’t need this one, just the rest.  (Stay tuned, many more interesting emails!)

Carrillo never learned government is not the solution to problems – they are the problem.  Why does she have her own City email address instead of using [email protected]?  (see the bottom)




14 thoughts on “Hey Jenn Carrillo – you got 379 votes

  1. Hey Jenn! We don’t need the government to “care for us”. Our family and friends do this. We need the government to get out of the way!

  2. Jenn, you are not my mommy, nor could you EVER come close. Fix the damned roads for cryin’ out loud. Go back and find a civics class textbook from the 60’s and study what the USA is supposed to be about. That’s an era that made us strong as INDIVIDUALS, not a bunch of sniveling. collective, cry babies. Geesh, even as a little kid I had to WORK to get an allowance or take a paper route if I wanted something, unlike your socialist beliefs of free stuff for your freeloading friends.

  3. It is interesting how Carrillo writes so much differently in emails (more polite; better grammar) to people she wants something from than in other forms of media. I would normally expect more swearing, more threatening-type language.

  4. They all have their own emails in addition to the “ward@” emails. This has been the case for years. Why bash instead of investigate?

  5. Interesting. When I’ve filed FOIA’s I use her Ward 6 address as a criteria. I guess I should be using this one as well. Seems a bit sneaky. She does not have this government email address listed as a way to reach her. That is sketchy. But then everything she does is sketchy.

  6. Jenn is trying to assert herself, overstepping the Mayor and County officials who already have protocols in place to meet in emergency and other situations, both urgent and routine. (We can debate effectiveness and policy all day, but the apparatus is in place.) Jenn only took this action with the intention of leading the emergency effort in order to thrust her socialist goals and demand. The email recipients in the local government (and Mr. McGoo) can read right through her intentions. Jenn reminds me of a story about a young worker who fancies themself an activist going around the office with a petition trying to gather signatures from coworkers to change something management does, only to be surprised when she’s fired.

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