By:  Diane Benjamin

Received by FOIA.

On March 13th Jenn Carrillo tried to call an emergency meeting with the County, Bloomington, and Normal:  https://blnnews.com/2020/04/08/hey-jenn-carrillo-you-got-379-votes/

Since that didn’t work out, plan #2:


Jenn Fraud 2

She invited tons of elected officials to “her call” without telling them who the community groups were.  Turns out they were all her radical friends pushing their “demands”:

IPA demands

The “speakers” on the call were all Jenn’s buddies.

Jessica Wood is an attorney at the State’s Attorneys office.

jenn fraud 3

Before your elected officials get conned into funding their demands, they need to know this from United Way McLean County (UWMC):

jenn fraud 4 United Way

jenn fraud 5 united way

Government is already picking winners and losers by handing out aid to a FEW local bars and restaurants:  https://www.wglt.org/#stream/0

Are elected officials going to pick more winners and losers just to make socialism appear to work?  Who has enough money for up to 24,000 families?

Jenn’s version of democracy is bully, be loud, and organize radicals until her demands are met.

Anyone who falls for her fleece needs replaced.

Bullies don’t win under representative government.  These bullies want your rights violated to achieve their goals.

Instead of trying to get taxpayer money redistributed to her buddies, she needs to organize money management classes.

Meanwhile, Black Lives Matter has no problem raising money to bail people out of jail.  They need to hit up their donors, not taxpayers.




3 thoughts on “Bullies!

  1. You do know that Trump signed that “socialist” legislation into law. You also should know that there are 16 million people out of work. Unemployment is at Great Depression level, so something drastic in a stimulus was need since the economy is crashing. I thought you were a great champion of Black Lives Matters since you claimed that they had a point way back in September. I guess notifying Ripley’s was premature. Bully? You’re giving one Bloomington City council member a lot of power she doesn’t have.

  2. A champion of an organization for giving them credit on ONE matter. Runaround are you trying to be funny or just showcase your a common core education?

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