The uninformed live amongst us

By:  Diane Benjamin

h/t a reader

If you make a comment here that is so devoid of facts it is obvious the truth is immaterial, it won’t get posted.  The media gets much of the blame for making people really stupid.  A lot of media has an agenda, if you absorb news not looking for the bias you are a victim of their agenda.  Of course I have a bias, I report what the media ignores.  Links are always posted so you can do your own research.

Government loves the uniformed, they really love those who refuse to be informed.

If the above applies to you, there is no point to approving your comment since you aren’t here to be informed or have a discussion.   I will not provide a platform for you to spew propaganda.  With lots of folks locked in their home these types have been very active.

Being uninformed is bad for everybody, but it is worse when the person makes decisions with public money.  Enter WGLT’s own Mike McCurdy who is also Chairman of the Connect Transit Board.  He recently tweeted this:

mccurd tweet

The article he referenced is from the New York Times, a paper that should be on the payroll of the Democrat National Committee.  Since I don’t have a subscription, all I know about the article this:

NY jan

The New York Times has hated the president since before he took office, it is no surprise they continue to frame stories this way.  Since Mike McCurdy must believe everything he reads instead of getting the facts, I will give him some.

In early January the Trump White House was considering a travel ban from China, Trump was called racist:

What were Democrats doing?  Impeaching Trump.

On January 29, 2020 Trump formed the Corona Virus Task force.

What were Democrats doing?  Impeaching Trump.

On January 31, 2020 Trump drastically curbed flights from China and instituted quarantines for arrivals from China:

What were Democrats doing?  Impeaching Trump.

Late January, New York Mayor de Blassio told people to keep doing what the usually do:

Late February, Nancy Pelosi walked through Chinatown in San Francisco proclaiming people should still come because the City has taken precautions:

Trump killed people Mike?

Of course FACTS won’t matter to McCurdy.

If you read anything or listen to WGLT, realize they have an agenda.  Truth may or may not be applicable to their reporting.  Mccurdy is the Program Director.

McCurdy isn’t fit to be in the news business if fair reporting is the goal.  He is the poster child for why NPR should be defunded, tax dollars pay his salary.  Of course he won’t quit or be fired.  Maybe the next mayor or Normal will replace him on the Connect Transit Board.



15 thoughts on “The uninformed live amongst us

  1. Trump killed people Mike? Really? And you are the Program Director of a NPR station?

    This is shameful in a time when we need to support our president and his war against the Chinese Communist Government’s Virus attack on our homeland.

    And you proceed to tell the WORLD that our president killed Americans?

    Please resign for the good of the people who are still dumb enough to listen to the WGLT Radio Propaganda Network.

    Attn Mike: You have just made my list of horrible people which Karma needs to visit with an appropriate level of vengeance.

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  2. This kind of “slant” not only is prevalent in the media, but even in NON SUSPECT places!
    Several years back, there was a very good exhibit on GOLD at the Cincinnati museum. I toured the exhibit along with several respected “professionals in the field” along with a museum volunteer and assistant curator. We ALL pointed out how the exhibit was “dumbed down” so as NOT to “talk down” to the public.
    What was a really great exhibit read like a third grade reader! If one WENT there hoping to learn something, then you probably walked away disappointed.
    The SAME holds true for MANY media articles, of which MOST lack ANY TRUE reporting!

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  3. There are a few things I learned in college, but probably the single most important take-away, personally, was I learned how to critically examine claims, news, and so-called “facts.” You’re right…the media is filled with bias — especially bias that is connected with politics. It’s filled with bias because that’s what sells. People tune into channels, articles, newspapers, websites, etc., that they know will align to their own beliefs (CNN vs Fox News). That being said, it is still up to each and every one of us to sift through that bias and try to get to the FACTS. Unfortunately, very few seem to do this.

    Diane, I may not agree with everything you say, and yes, at times, you have bias in your articles, but to your previous points made, it’s your blog and if people don’t want to read it, they can move along. One of the things, however, that I do APPRECIATE about you is you post things that aren’t always mainstream, but yet are still important AND you provide references to those materials. I don’t always agree with your conclusion or opinions, but you at least provide the reader with the information so they can draw conclusions, and if they wish, participate in healthy debate.

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  4. Think back to January at the fever pitch of the impeachment hearings. if Trump would have said a pandemic is coming it would have been dismissed quickly by the media and Democrats calling it a diversion. On top of that if he would have given a national advisory to shelter in place and social distancing along with using the defense production act there would have been three articles of impeachment. Trump acted quickly by using travel bans from China and took heat for it. He saved lives but the media will never give him credit for it.

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  5. Dear Blono residents,

    After this gem of leftist propaganda discovered by Diane can ANY of you believe anything that Mike McCurdy says about the bus system? Yes, it is obvious that he will not tell the truth about the Transit system and who knows what else.

    He needs to resign from the Transit Board.

    Trouble 2

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  6. If Trump passed some gas, excused himself and noted that it was a bit of a stinker, TDS types like McCurdy would proclaim that it smelled good.

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  7. McCurdy is the guy that went to college decades ago and decided to stay for a lifetime. The insulation of campus life shielding him from the real world and its responsibilities appealed to him. Likely an outcast before university, campus life provided him solace. He became involved in all the trendiness of campus politics. He participated in all the campus protests whether he believed in the cause or not. He skipped class often but when he did show up, constantly ran his mouth cheapening the experience for those that really wanted to learn. His off-campus life was basically hanging around the dopers and self-appointed free thinkers at the local hippie bar getting high while listening to political folk music. His favorite professors often accompanied him. When graduation eventually came, he didn’t have any job prospects because he hadn’t bothered to look. He considered going to grad school but had campus contacts he used to get a job at the local campus station. He met a girl, like him, who was equally selfish and wasn’t interested in raising a family. They got married got an apartment by campus and lived out of their lives in academia.


    1. Right, and when Diane hopes that the next Mayor kicks him off the Connect Transit Board, don’t be surprised if Koos doesn’t try to recruit him to be the next mayor of Normal.

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  8. McCurdy it can be said in the same manner the blood is on your hands. Being part of a situation that wasted taxpayer money on things while not replenishing supplies after H1N1. A $180,000 plus shower stall that was approved comes to ming. How many masks could that have bought?

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  9. ISU president Larry Dietz should realize by giving such a vocal hate spewing person a public platform is hurting ISU’s reputation. I would not want my kids going to ISU and being taught “hate is great”. And this is coming from an ISU alum.

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