Unit 5: Community Organizing by the local socialists

By: Diane Benjamin

This is video of what met people wanting to attend the Unit 5 School Board meeting last night. Local socialist organizer Sonny Garcia is speaking with the bullhorn. Sonny is employed by Illinois State University, from Open The Books.com

The yellow vests are their own security team.

There was a sign on the door stating masks were required. I entered the building and was stopped by a guy who stated the same thing. Meanwhile, clearly visible, was a lady talking to a man – both with no masks. He did verify the woman was staff. He proceeded to tell her to mask up, he said nothing to the older gentleman who walked away still with no mask.

I’m willing to bet masks are only required in the building for show when the public is around. The school board meeting was suspended because some in the crowd took their masks off. One adult man raised his hand to signify he was guilty of not wearing a mask. He was met with shouts from the kids in back of “nazi”. They evidently thought he was giving a Hitler salute, he wasn’t. The meeting continued after a 10-15 minute break with a speech about compliance, the adults continued not wearing masks.

Meanwhile, the group that was outside attended the meeting and applauded what they agreed with using finger snaps. 15-20 kids have been recruited into the “I hate America” Garcia community organizing movement. They stood for the Pledge of Allegiance but did not participate, hands were behind their backs.

I’ve got even more videos of public comment than from District 87. The entire meeting was live streamed, I only taped it in case something “happened” to the Live Stream. You can see Unit 5 video here: https://www.unit5.org/domain/3646

I will be posting clips.

7 thoughts on “Unit 5: Community Organizing by the local socialists

  1. This is our future? Who raised these kids? Be safe son going to the meeting…you might get shot. The entitlement trophy got passed around too much. Masks? If you are vaccinated, you don’t need a mask. This is a school board on a power trip. Even at the courthouses you can go in without a mask. Ms. Able….does she even have children or better yet, are they in her custody? She certainly is vocal about someone raising their hand. The left hates it when the right starts to speak up.


    1. Unfortunately, it is this community’s future. It’s what happens when few people care about anything other than BSing their way through a workday and only give a damn about getting drunk and having sex as much as possible. It also what happens when you have elected officials that encouraged and continue to do so making BN a landing spot and dumping ground for social malcontents. Many born and raised locals saw this on the horizon long ago. The outsiders burrowed their way into the power structure about ten to fifteen years ago and brought their perverted Chicago views along with them. What you now see is what you get. Thank idiots like Judy Markowitz, Tom Hamilton, Mark Peterson, Chris Koos, Rob Fazzini and a string of others for setting the table. The dye has been caste. BN is marching toward economic and social death.

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