When DSA supports you, you are on the wrong side of history Unit 5

By: Diane Benjamin

Remember when the local Democratic Socialists showed up at the June Unit 5 School Board meeting? With bullhorn in hand they obstructed people wanting to enter the building: https://blnnews.com/2021/06/17/unit-5-community-organizing-by-the-local-socialists/

Socialists are anti-American. They believe government makes better decisions than you do and therefore have the right to seize private property, mandate vaccines, and eliminate voices contrary to their talking points. When these people agree with what the Unit 5 School Board plans, the School Board is on the wrong side of history.

One DSA member emailed the Board President before showing up. See the last paragraph and then watch the video in the story linked above. Maybe Krystle Able planned to be peaceful, but that isn’t what she got from her fellow DSA members. Unit 5 should reconsider the path they are on when DSA is cheering for you.

5 thoughts on “When DSA supports you, you are on the wrong side of history Unit 5

  1. What would socialists find so compelling about facing up to people who come to a school board meeting to address CRT and sex education in our classrooms? They find comradeship with Unit 5’s now?

    The thread that runs through it all – We go from Marxism’s failure, to rebooted in CRT, to Indoctrination Education, to Socialism and when it fails as it always does, Communism. Karl Marx wins! Way to go Unit5!

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  2. Sometimes, I wish I didn’t know, see and recognize all of their tricks, but, I do. I recognize their language and the reasons behind all of their word choices, they use. I see, and it angers me that the opposition, the rank and file good guys, don’t always see it or see it fast enough. Of course one of the saddest things is so many of these people truly are just useful idiots, and they don’t even have a clue, nothing worse than those who do evil believing that they are doing good. However, that doesn’t make me have any compassion for them, I’m past that. EVERY person who wishes to keep America a decent country to live and to restore some sense of pride in it should pull their kids out of public school RIGHT NOW yes, I know it will be difficult for many but that’s where networking comes in and where small pods of schools are set up in homes where home schooling CAN be done, but that takes cooperation, and knowing your neighbors and knowing your child’s friends and their families, and that too has been weakened to the point of barely existing now. It’s been a long dark road to this dystopian nightmare, and too many people did not turn on their headlights so they could SEE where they were being led.

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  3. I am sure they will be there to harass those that will be attending the “Back the Blue” rally this Sunday. Should encourage those that are going to bring a big burger and stuff it in any of their bull horns just to shut them up (Comes from an old episode of Happy Days. The kids are campaigning for Stevenson and Ralph Malph has a bull horn and one of the car hops stuffs a burger in his bull horn).

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  4. Krystle Able…that name sounds familiar. Oh, SHE’S the one who reviews (quite expertly) satanic worship books on Amazon…and dresses up in moloch costumes for her profile picture. Got it.

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