Unit 5 will be teaching CRT

By: Diane Benjamin

I’m only posting this because Unit 5 School Board is meeting tonight. Critical Race Theory will be taught as part of an elective course this year:

CRT starts with the assumption that systemic racism exists. That is a FALSE narrative.

There are reason for income disparity, racism isn’t one of them. Your kids need to avoid Multicultural Studies!

Public Comment could be just this video, 2 minutes 25 seconds, don’t let them tell you playing it isn’t allowed. For 3 minutes the floor is YOURS.

8 thoughts on “Unit 5 will be teaching CRT

  1. Who told us CRT was a college level course and it will never be taught in K-12?

    CRT eliminates equality and replaces it with equity. Equity is race based decision making. Against the law. If you want to teach CRT you must also teach that it stands against equality under the law, civil rights and personal responsibility.

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    1. Medium, the leftists among us have. They say that our police departments, prisons and police are systematically racist. Carrillo has said it more than once and our city council apparently doesn’t disagree.

      The new Illinois teaching standards state explicitly that our schools are systematic racist and must be changed from within. You can read it for yourself.

      According to these people these things are all proven facts based on simple statistics like income levels, discipline numbers and prison population. Their simple conclusions will not solve their complicated problems.

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  2. If a school was caught teaching kids how to commit a crime like how to rob a bank or how to defraud the government wouldn’t they be held liable or loose accreditation? What’s the difference between that and teaching kids to accept and then commit to racism? Which is also against the law. When will a lawyer in Bloomington/Normal step up?

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