Masks Don’t Work, Watch

Nobody with power is using science – it’s all about CONTROL.

20 thoughts on “Masks Don’t Work, Watch

  1. It’s long overdue to say “We The People” need to stand up & take this country back!!People need to grow a backbone & fight back instead of giving in to these “whiners”! Ron 

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    1. I 100% agree, the number of obedient little drones we have in this country is actually a bit shocking, but then they have been grooming them now for about 3 full decades, actually longer. The “mask required” crap was the start of it all, as soon as they saw the obedient subjects slap that “face covering” on their faces, not even reluctantly but happily because they had convinced them that they were “saving lives”, they knew they could do whatever else they wanted to them. It was easy to tell even back when they were fully enforcing it in places who was TRULY obedient and who wasn’t. The truly obedient ahd that thing all the way over their mouth and nose, well fitted even in some instances and they had that “look” in their eyes. The ones doing it just to get their bread and eggs and milk etc without dealing with too much hassle had it under their nose or on their chin so they could BREATH. I laugh to myself whenever I see these people waiting at bus stops, not a bus in sight, but they have that stupid face rag slapped on their face anyway, I laugh at them, but in truth, they are dangerous because they are in league, whether they realize it or not, with those who wish to use medical tyranny to complete their agenda. Don’t think for ONE minute that these people have not studied psychology and human behaviors and ways to manipulate that behavior toward a desired outcome, they have. It IS time for far more people in this country to grow a spine, stand up on their back legs and just say NO! NO MORE! I still hold out hope that this can still happen but it better be soon.

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      1. I do remember quite well when the wizened little evil gnome said just that, and, a friend of mine actually CALLED 3M the other day to speak to a real person about the information on the boxes of their N95 masks and, the guy he talked to came RIGHT out and admitted that the N95 even if properly worn and properly fitted offers only the SLIGHTEST at best protection against Covid or any other corona viruses. He said if worn improperly it offers NONE, yes NONE, now do you think that paper thing many wear under their nose does a damn thing? How about that Chicago Bears one that’s too big and gaps around the sides? Thing is MASKS DO NOT work, they are only theater as well as a visible sign that the person is controlled, also that video was excellent – it showed “broken” before but I came back and it was working fine.

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  2. Trump had a red ball cap with the letters – MAGA – Make America Great Again
    Democrat, Neo Socialists have a blue mask with the letters – MAO – Make America Obey

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  3. ISU upgraded all of the HVAC filtration to, supposedly, hospital grade. When they came out with wearing masks in class, I figured it was nothing more than a PR move to cater to those who are scared. A mask will do absolutely nothing in a lecture hall that has 300 students in it. Nothing. Just get vaccinated and let’s put this damn thing behind us.

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    1. Dawglf, I read the Canadian study about masks that includes this video. The big takeaways for me –
      1. Mask efficiency is greatly reduced when there are gaps with the face. (K)N95 masks (rated at 95% efficiency) work at around 46% when fitted and 3.4% when there are gaps. Three ply cloth masks have 9.8% efficiency (with no gaps, much less with gaps).
      2. From the study – “Based on the apparent filtration efficiency, tests performed with no mask at an air-change rate of 1:7h1 (and higher) outperform cases with high-efficiency masks ((K)N95 and R95) and no room ventilation.”

      It should be noted, as far as I know, there have never been discussions on improving air filtration and ventilation to prevent Covid infection. Maybe I missed it.

      And even more important Pritzker wants to use Covid funds to reduce property taxes. Maybe we should have thought about improving air quality in schools and nursing homes?


    1. If we can make you hang a piece of cloth on your face we can take away your right to protect yourself from an out of control government.


  4. Remember when they told us if we get vaccinated, then we don’t have to wear a mask? As soon as ppl started rolling up their sleeves to get the shots, suddenly, they announced new variants that were more contagious, and more likely to infect young people. This was just a new tactic to scare young people who are not getting sick and dying into believing they need to get the shots to avoid getting sick and possibly dying. This scare tactic is simply being used to increase profits by injecting as many ppl as possible. And now, even the ppl who got the shots are being told to wear a mask to protect against the alleged delta variant. (See how the target keeps moving?)

    This scamdemic is a pack of lies. Sure, some people are getting sick and dying from viruses, but that is no change from prior years. I checked the seasonal flu map for the U.S. back in January 2021, and the map was mostly green, meaning little to no flu cases. How did that happen? Magic? No. Seasonal flu cases are now intentionally being counted as covid-19 cases, in order to feed the lie and gin up the fear, so ignorant ppl willingly give up freedom.

    The PCR testing they are using to diagnose covid-19 is invalid as inventor of the test, Kary Mullis, stated. You never hear anyone mention false positive test results from a PCR test, but most results are false positives. Ppl get tested and automatically assume the test is 100% accurate. They don’t bother to question the results. Imagine testing positive and then having to quarantine for 2 weeks when you’re not sick and absolutely NO health threat to anyone around you. These false positives are also used when reporting number of cases, which tyrant Prickster (and other tyrant governors) uses to justify mask mandates and other idiotic measures to allegedly “stop the spread”.

    In a Senate hearing, Sen. Dr. Rand Paul pointed out that the masks most ppl are wearing are not effective at all at stopping microscopic viruses from penetrating. He went as far as saying mask wearing is mostly theater. As a result, Sen. Paul’s Youtube channel has been suspended for “making misleading statements about masks”. So, an actual M.D, is being censored mostly likely by some 20-something yo living in his mom’s basement who has zero medical training? Even if Sen. Paul’s claims were misleading, Youtube should NOT have the right to censor his speech nor shutdown his channel.

    Where and when will this nonsense stop? In the past, tyrants have never willingly relinquished power, so we should expect the same at this time. Not everyone needs to be on board, but we need a majority of Americans standing up, protesting and pushing back on this tyranny. Consider joining:


    Lot’s of helpful information about your rights regarding testing and shots on this website:


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  5. The “Sheeple” in this Country need to put a board up their backs!! Like the one person said ~~ they’ve been grooming us for years!!! PEOPLE, it’s not in our Constitution ~~ It’s NOT a Law ~~ It’s about “Control”. The ones that aggravate me the most ~~ are the many parents that won’t even stick up for their children’s rights! WAKE UP AMERICA!!!

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