Campustown Clown

By: Diane Benjamin

Evidently the owner doesn’t believe vaccines work, is he scared of his shadow too? He only wants vaccinated people in his store but they have to wear a mask? What about people who had COVID and therefore have antibodies? They aren’t allowed in?

Daniel C Maloney doesn’t believe people know how to wear a mask, what’s it been 18 months? Is he saying college students are stupid?

Does building owner Jason Barickman know his tenant is not in GOOD STANDING with the state?

This is the same clown who sold T-Shirts calling for Connie Beard to resign as GOP Chair for having an opinion. Ditto with David Paul Blumenshine.

Jason Barickman would be doing everyone a favor by evicting him.







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  1. Get woke – go broke – Should it be a slow and lingering death or quick and merciful? Maybe this nervous little Nellie needs to look at what happened to the guy in Denton Texas who put up a rude sign similar to this saying those not masked would have to pay $50.00 more and well, he’s out of business now, people just stopped going. People like this need a HARD lesson, but then their woke rich folk friends will just bail them out somehow and coo over them and tell them how noble and brave they are.

      1. I’ve been noticing that for about what? – 18 months now? Two weeks to flatten the curve! Come on everyone do your part to save lives!

  2. I wonder if this clown watched the special on surgical masks the blue ones even though they cover your mouth and nose they are only 10% effective he needs to add a sign that these masks are not allowed. We are out of control.

  3. Hmmm I wonder how it would go over if a whole lot of unmasked free breathers just stood right outside? What’s next a sign like they have for smokers saying they MUST stay at least 15-25 feet away?

  4. Thanks for the heads up Diane. It’s been so busy, I hadn’t realized my Corporate Annual Report was past due. I went over to the Secretary of State’s site and took care of that. Go check my Corporation’s standing now. It has changed to “ACTIVE”. Not much to the report really. Just verifying some basic info and paying $75.00. Anyway, it’s all taken care of now, so thanks!

      1. It was due July 31. The State doesn’t send out any notification via e-mail, mail, or otherwise that it is due. Still, completely my responsibility to remember to do that every year. It was just one of those minor things that I overlooked. All good now! Thank you!

  5. I realize what happened. I looked it up, you are right, the State DOES send out a notice 6 weeks prior to the due date. The address for my Corporation under Agent Address is incorrect. The notice must have been sent to that address and not forwarded. I got that corrected too. Thanks.

  6. The IRS, the property tax assessor, and power company do not accept the excuse of not receiving a bill as a reason not pay your tax or fee.

    1. This is probably 90+% of the businesses in town. Not sure what your point is here. My business, like many others, had to be closed for an entire month last year. I make A LOT of money from “respecting customers”, but I appreciate your concern. Thanks.

  7. I saw this proud nut job on the news the other night. It’s just one more business I will choose not to patronize due to their discriminatory practices. I do t care what Pritzker announced today it is still discriminatory. And people need to be calling his office in droves letting him know how stupid he is and assure him this will be his 1st and last term as il governor. Flood his phone lines and shut them down!

  8. A “business” man, who doesn’t want to do business. He is brainwashed, has no common sense, a little sheep and is being paid off by someone!!!! Sounds like he is a member of the swamp!!! I would support Jason in following the recommendations to Evict the swamp rat!!! Close him down.


    HAHA, they didn’t mention you, Diane, but Mr. Maloney did say that his sign has “started to really get noticed over the past two days.” I think you had him a bit nervous so some damage control was needed.

    I especially like this quote, directly from the article, “If someone’s not vaccinated, as long as they come in and they are wearing a face mask over their mouth and nose the entire time they’re in the store, they’re gonna be treated just like any other customer,” Maloney said.

    Except his sign doesn’t say that. This is a flat out lie. But that’s ok for me. I hate ISU with a passion, so I wouldn’t ever go to his business anyway. At least he shows people how ignorant and discriminatory he is.

  10. I told my daughter not to shop this store, she replied back this guy is a nut job that has physically removed someone from the store because their mask wasn’t worn properly. I guess alot of students stopped shopping there. There’s still hope for these kids yet.

  11. Diane,

    Your article is short, and completely lacking substance, so I will go ahead and pick it apart.

    While no vaccine, Covid or otherwise, is 100% effective, I DO believe they work, because I follow Medical Science regarding these matters.

    Yes, I follow Medical Science, not opinions on Facebook. Medical Science says everyone, regardless of vaccination status, should be wearing a mask indoors right now.

    This from the CDC:
    Yes, you should be vaccinated regardless of whether you already had COVID-19 because:

    Research has not yet shown how long you are protected from getting COVID-19 again after you recover from COVID-19.
    Vaccination helps protect you even if you’ve already had COVID-19.

    I’m not refusing to let anyone in. I am just saying anti-vaxxers are unwelcome guests, and I would rather they go somewhere else. Read the sign. It does not say entry is forbidden.

    You are right, after 18 months, people still do not know how to wear a mask. I have to correct many people all day every day over proper mask wearing, almost exclusively with it being below their nose. The sign is just a way to help avoid those encounters which neither the customer nor I want to have.

    I’ve already addressed the Good Standing issue. It was a minor matter that has been cleared up. Again, thank you for bringing it to my attention.

    On December 31 2020 Connie Beard stated that Donald Trump was the “Real Winner” of the election, long after the election had been decided. This is not an “opinion”, it is an outright lie and a false statement which, given Connie’s position of influence, has the potential to wreak much damage and havoc within our community.

    David Paul Blumenshine is a Capitol Insurrectionist, so not much else to say there, except he should probably be in prison.

    This is shoddy journalism at best. You should stick to your day job, if you have one, before you find yourself facing a lawsuit.

    1. All your opinions! Remember when Fauci flip-flipper said masks don’t work? Many of us don’t believe the opinions of those who only get paid to say what they say. A study came out this week In Iowa saying there is no proof masks work. Because pritzker said it that doesn’t make it True

  12. Just keep adding reasons for no one to shop at your store, sir. I didn’t need them, but it might help convince someone else not to shop there, too.

  13. This guy is a piece. He bullies and shames others for profit. He brees HATE among our youth. Can’t believe the personal attacks he has done on Connie B., David B. and anyone who does not HATE Trump. Now he is doing it for those who have a different political view on vaccines. This guy isn’t just making a political stance, he is profiting from the HATE he spews. This pattern of selling HATE should be a crime. Normal and ISU should have curtailed this long ago, but Mayor Koos and many ISU faculty preach HATE of conservatives is acceptable.
    ISU and Normal are earning the reputation of being intolerant of diversity of thought.

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