Update: See this email from a parent

By: Diane Benjamin

I redacted the name. This email was received by FOIA, but it represents many others. Parents have been convinced their kids are going to die if they get COVID. Some parents can’t wait for their child to get the shot when they have no data for what it will do to them in the future.

It’s an experimental drug. Why is vaccinating them not child abuse when statistics show healthy kids have zero chance of dying?

Don’t bother commenting Regina Librarian, your comment will be deleted. I have other emails from parents and at least one teacher opposed to masks. Yes, some parents said their kids would not be attending if masks were required.

Opposite view:

9 thoughts on “Update: See this email from a parent

  1. Unit 5 is covid crazy. Still requiring quarantine for healthy kids that had close contact with a person receiving a positive test.. Even IF they were wearing a mask lol (masks don’t work). Trying to fight this. They are claiming health department guidance. I don’t understand how they can refuse my healthy child an education. I thought there were laws. She did nothing wrong and isn’t sick or contagious. This has to stop.

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  2. I truly hope the Moms and Dads with Children attending Unit 5 will continue to speak out at Schiol Board meetings and continue to send emails. For those who are inclined to do so please inspire others to send emails and to speak at the meetings.

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  3. Given what we’ve learned. Thanks Diane (I recommend going to The Petty Podcast https://youtu.be/bquNE3VJqd4 )
    1. 99.9% of the virus spreads in aerosol form and can stay in the air for as long as a day.
    2. The upper levels of health and governmental leadership and our own health department MUST KNOW that masks do not stop aerosolized Covid. Fauci knows.

    The mandate for mask wearing in schools is NOT to stop the spread of Covid.
    Furthermore – it will be a matter of days or weeks before our schools are shut down and shutdown of our state will probably follow closely behind.

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  4. I am sure people will lie and say they have kids. I hope the school actually verifies what they receive. Remember Jenn Carillio and Sonny Garcia were in Wisconsin trying to get people to vote for Biden. I am sure they lied about being from a corrupt leftist state.

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  5. If *Every* *Single* *Student* in Unit5 got infected with the virus, statistically there would be *Less* *Than* *One* student death. And that’s using National numbers – if you use Local numbers, it’s outright *Zero*.
    Mask mandates for younger people are not about health, they are about conditioning them to *Just* *Follow* *Orders*, which we learned in the 20th century is likely to kill more people than the virus by at Least a factor of ten.
    (Yes, there are individuals and situations where masks or more may be appropriate health measures, but in most cases one can easily argue they do more harm than good.)
    So if you know of anyone who’s complying ‘for the benefit of others’, you need to have a talk with them…

    *Please feel free to go to the CDC, Unit5, McLean County Health Dept etc to verify my numbers – I actually Like being proven wrong, because then I can improve my position to being right – I’m all about the Truth, regardless of whether it supports the left, the right, or whatever other position.

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    1. Well said Karl,
      Most people need to know why they should obey something that doesn’t make sense. IF you don’t provide proof we have to assume you feel like we are to stupid to understand.

      IF masks are a way to suppress Covid and save children’s lives – Show us the evidence Show us the numbers, show us the studies that support the “facts” that random cloth masks poorly worn stop a virus spread and don’t harm children. Saying it’s just common sense doesn’t work.

      Tell me, does anyone trust someone that says – JUST DO WHAT I SAY AND DON’T ASK QUESTIONS! Is this how our teachers handle students? NO! Is this the way to foster trust? NO. Is this how you get angry parents and confused students? YES!

      If you can’t back up what you say maybe YOU should be questioning YOUR beliefs.

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  6. While my kids are not in school yet, they are recently enrolled in daycare. We made it two weeks before they got RSV. (way more potent that covid in kiddos). Daycare now requires a note from their Pediatrician that they are clear to go back to daycare. When I called the Pediatrician to speak to a nurse to see if we had to have yet another appointment to get the note, she was kind, but beyond exasperated. She said the schools and daycares are just ridiculous in asking for notes. It’s a virus, she said. Not an office person, a nurse. I know several folks that all go to doctors in this same practice. They are overwhelmed with calls and kids with RSV, no Covid. My husband had to call back 8 times initially to get through, coworker experienced the same thing. So now because of all these mandates, nurses are tied up writing notes instead of caring for sick kids.

    I also wonder if the uptick in RSV is due to the masks. RSV is typically seen in the winter/spring months. Why a surge in it now, in the summer? Maybe because our kids were kept away from each other all of last year, masked, and didn’t have the opportunity to build up their immunity to viruses like RSV. I hope no one’s kids get sick RSV or Covid. RSV is no joke. Staying up to listen to your child’s breathing is exhausting.

    I think I read somewhere that there are 50 counties/school boards who have told the Governor that they are not going to comply with the mask mandates. Let’s hope this is what spreads.

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