Cedar Ridge teachers appalled by citizens!

By: Diane Benjamin

Below is a long email signed by 6 Cedar Ridge teachers. Evidently spell check doesn’t work or the writer doesn’t care about spelling when writing to the Superintendent. Kristen Weikle’s response follows. The Unit 5 overlords didn’t appreciate citizens disturbing their meeting.

I didn’t feel tension in the room, the writer did. Does Rachel never hear opposing viewpoints? Think Rachel is teaching kids HOW to think or WHAT to think? People who don’t think like Rachel and the other 5 are a threat?

Don’t forget, when I walked into the building 2 Unit 5 employees were in the hall maskless. The guy at the door told one to mask up, the other guy just walked away. Obviously the masks are for show and not enforced when the public isn’t present.

Read to the end, Weikle contacted the Attorney General for guidance dealing with you pesky citizens who pay the bills.

17 thoughts on “Cedar Ridge teachers appalled by citizens!

  1. This is the problem we get when we elect people who rubber stamp and lack the spine to say no to the administrators. Most people don’t vote in local elections or research school board choices.

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  2. What gets me is teachers tell parents to get more involved in our child’s education. When we follow their advice and get involved the same teachers try and have us banned from being involved.

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    1. If you were civilized when speaking then that would be the difference. Think you are skewed on the editors views. Open the eyes and think for yourself.


  3. Once again I see the authoritarians are foaming at the mouth to either ban people or have them arrested for not following a “directive” which isn’t actually a law. And what the hell does “tell their children to resist the expectations” mean? Expectations of what? That their teacher actually gives a damn about them? Or that they want to control other people and therefore the child should just comply? What does this word salad mean exactly? And OMG here’s another mental midget whining about someone raising their hand. What kind of teacher can’t tell the difference between a Nazi and someone who is raising their hand to answer a question? What could someone like this possibly teach a child other than bigotry and ignorance?

    My real wonder is this; when can we start deducting the portion of our property taxes that goes to school districts? Why should we continue to be forced to pay for things we don’t agree with, don’t want, and certainly don’t need? “We the People” my ass.

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  4. At least the Superintendent recognizes what some of the mayors do not. Public comment is exactly that, public comment and needs to be allowed.
    Also, why are these people going on and on about the guy who raised his hand? Did none of them see his social media post?

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  5. “Thankfully it was reported and removed.” This was regarding the music teacher/indoctrinator who spoke at the meeting–Corey Beirne. I would love to know who they called. Do they have a direct hotline to FB, Twitter, etc.? Also, if she was my child’s teacher I would be extremely concerned. I truly hope more children are removed from Unit 5 and homeschooled.

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  6. Sorry for posting so much but the governor just said something that fits here.
    He gave a word to the press that ended with the admonition “MASKS WORK!”

    There are two kinds of people in Illinois.
    1. People that will do any the governor says.
    2. People who for proven reasons, don’t trust what the governor says.

    Saying “masks work!” Only speaks to the people who are wearing masks anyway.

    When he says “masks work and here’s why!” Maybe I’ll listen.

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  7. “I would not let my students…” disagree with me because I’m a tyrant. Everyone must comply, comply, comply. It is for your safety.

    I’m sorry Rachel but you are behaving like a brown shirt and the comparison to Hitler is not out of line. Not the gentleman who raised his hand…but you! You should never be in front of a classroom.


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