Unit 5 tragic comment

By: Diane Benjamin

I taped this clip from the Live Stream video. This speaker claims to be a 30 year old transgender graduate who fears for his life from the domestic terrorists who spoke at the District 87 Board meeting. He claims his dad told him to not get “shot”.

There are no bridges to build when Sonny Garcia can scream into a bullhorn and use a siren to community organize outside the meeting and this person claims his life is in danger. Was LGBTQ+ even mentioned at District 87? I don’t remember it, but there were passionate adults who cared about what their kids were taught. If they are domestic terrorists, I wonder what BLM and Antifa are?

While the District 87 meeting was mostly about Critical Race Theory and Sexualizing kids, this meeting turned into demands from the LGBTQ+ students for a Sex Ed curriculum for them.

Preferred pronouns will never be used here because the far left does not have the authority to re-write English for political gain. I sympathize with this person only because he thinks he is owed something from society. Respect is earned, not demanded. He is entitled to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

He needs to grab those himself, they aren’t handed out. It is tragic at 30 he still hasn’t figured that out.

13 thoughts on “Unit 5 tragic comment

  1. “Snowflakes” by Tom MacDonald, excellent video and I’m not much of a rap fan. Great lyrics, clean.

  2. Whoa Nellie! “Fake Woke” by Tom MacDonald. Okay I’m done for now but this guy is getting it done.

  3. Eh, Tom MacDonald is alright, but I personally can’t stand his begging for black people to like him. I could care less if black people ever like me or not.

    OT – Who threatened this person with murder? And if so, why didn’t they call the police instead of going to a school board meeting? Must not have felt that threatened to still go out in public and still make a public comment at a public school board meeting. Methinks this person needs a fainting couch for their hysterics.

    Also, damn. If I had known Sonny boy was gonna be there I would have tested out his personal thugs, I mean “security.” I still am waiting for his dumb ass to contact the “authorities” on me over a comment I made. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more cowardly, small man in my life. I would bet he reads this, so bring it on Sonny boy. I’m not scared of you, at all. I’ve seen baskets full of kittens more threatening than you.

    Lastly, it sounds to me like the next meeting needs parents to show up with their firearms. I wonder how much different the comments would be with a room full of armed parents…

  4. If this person is so gung-ho anti-oppression LGBTQ+++, perhaps he would like to take a few bucks out of his tattoo budget and buy a couple of books by Larry Kramer, and also “AIDS And the Doctors of Death: An Inquiry into the Origin of the AIDS Epidemic” – Paperback – April 1, 1988 by Alan Cantwell. But then, it’s easier to just throw out unfounded generalizations for current trouble- and fact-free membership into the privileged victim class.

    1. Nailed it – just TRY convincing them to actually do anything of any REAL value though and you will see the excuse machine kick into full gear – they are the people who sport the “Free Tibet!” bumper stickers, that, as a Tibetan I heard speak once pointed out never freed ONE Tibetan, but did put money in the pockets of the people who made the bumper stickers.

    1. Ya , it’s the same Jackie! that took 3rd place 🥉 in the recent Bloomington Mayor election.

  5. And one more thing. This person, obviously deeply narcissistic and paranoid, needs a wake-up call to the fact that THOSE character traits are what drive people away and put people off. I went to high school with openly gay people (in the 70s!) who were popular, confident, strong and fully assimilated by virtue of finding a lot of common ground with their peers. I didn’t hear this person utter ONE word of finding a MOLECULE of common ground. And regarding trans people, excuse me, but the hormones (which some quack shrink is more than happy to give you) make you weird like any other drug. FACT.

  6. Drama queen wanna BE! IF I had a kid that ran around looking like this, I’d be hunting up a good military prep school. THEN he / she could be OPPRESSED!

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