3 more comments from Unit 5

By: Diane Benjamin

Expecting public schools to not indoctrinate kids is never going to happen. Instead parents need to demand School Choice. Where your kids go to school should not be decided based on your zip code. It is discriminatory to low income kids who often get tossed into schools with substandard education.

If the money followed your kid you could pick what school they attended. Public Schools would become instantly better because they would have to complete to get the money. Start demanding it now, talk to your representatives, get your neighbors and friends on board too. It might take a long time, but this is the only way to save public schools. People with the means to send their kids to better schools do, everyone deserves that right.

The first video is Joe Walden. He also spoke at the District 87 School Board meeting.

The next two are a mother-daughter duo. They are legal immigrants who are now citizens.

3 thoughts on “3 more comments from Unit 5

  1. I wonder how fast change would occur if you convinced a sizeable portion of McLean county to not pay their property taxes?


    1. The well-heeled vultures will snap up your unpaid taxes and get a tax lien on your house. While I am all for the ending of property taxes in their entirety, I am afraid that they have already covered the just don’t pay them angle. The amount of money that is WASTED on the “education” (of kids in the USA public schools system is horrendous. They learned more with books, paper, pens, and a chalkboard in a one room schoolhouse than they do now with their fancy gadgets and their opulent buildings and OMG these children can NOT be made to be in a building that is not air conditioned! Yet somehow generations of people were educated without air conditioning or tablets/laptops. Also, some excellent sports teams somehow were produced without amazing tracks/gyms etc or the finest in uniforms. people need to demand exactly where and WHY they need so much money per student, Public education is basically a racket now too.


  2. FYI – As listed in the sex education teaching standards used by D87..

    Students or their parents can opt out of any sex education lessons.
    Assuming the parents are told when those lessons will happen and what is going to be taught?

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