Local media MIA, Chicago media helps AmVets

By: Diane Benjamin

Local media refused to cover this story and Rep Dan Caulkins has not responded to numerous emails from AmVets. This story was covered by CHICAGO media – CBS 2. They rarely do stories outside of Chicago, but they came to Clinton to do this one.

The Clinton AmVets were awarded $100,000 in 2014, former state Rep Bill Mitchell did a photo op with a big fake check in 2018, and there is a $100,000 line item in the Illinois budget so the facility serving Veterans in Clinton can be expanded. To date no money has been received, just a lot of blaming others.

The video includes Normal Township Trustee Art Rodriquez. Evidently Illinois doesn’t really care about veterans. This is a must watch! CBS 2 did a great job with this story! Too bad local media doesn’t care.

12 thoughts on “Local media MIA, Chicago media helps AmVets

  1. This award was earmarked for Clinton AmVets, not in 2014, but in 2018.
    Not only that, the Clinton Journal reported the story when Bill Mitchell made the presentation
    and also reported later that the vets group had not received the money.

    Gordon Woods
    Clinton Journal

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      1. The money was allocated for the state budget in 2014, but I’m not sure Clinton AmVets were even aware of it until Mitchell delivered the big check, which I think he did in good faith.

        In any case, the charge that “local media refused” to cover this story is nonsense. Local veteran’s groups get more coverage in the Clinton Journal than any other group, except maybe for high school athletes.

        I think if you asked AmVets members, they would not have a problem with how Clinton media covers their news.

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  2. I just spoke to a representative of Clinton AmVets who told me they don’t know what you’re talking about.
    He said they have no beef with the Clinton Journal

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  3. Thanks for that clarification, but when people here see “local media” they think either us, Clinton Journal,
    or the local radio station.
    As a matter of fact, someone from Clinton AmVets is coming to see me today to do a story about the fact
    CBS Chicago was down to do a story to reach a wider audience.

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    1. Sorry – but when I see the words “local media”, I think Pantagraph. Clinton residents may think CJ, certainly not everyone thinks this or considers Clinton has its own paper.


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