Illinois makes illegals eligible for COVID bucks, excludes Veterans

By: Diane Benjamin

Get vaccinated in Illinois and you will be eligible to win State money (tax dollars) or if 12-17 years old – scholarship money.

The rules say residents of Illinois – except if you got the vaccine at a Federal facility:


Illegal aliens who are residents of Illinois can win your tax money!

Veterans aren’t eligible if they were vaccinated at the VA.

Just more proof Illinois doesn’t care about Veterans or they would find a way to include them. Refer back to this story:

They can hand out $10 million tax dollars and exclude Veterans but can’t find $100,000 for the Clinton AmVets.

See the document Pritzker put out, you have a better chance of actually winning the lottery:

7 thoughts on “Illinois makes illegals eligible for COVID bucks, excludes Veterans

  1. You know they are not getting the higher numbers of suckers vaccinated when they have to push across all these incentives.You couldn’t pay me or incentivize me enough to take that jab. Culling the herd.

  2. So you want people who are not vaccinated to catch the virus and die, right? That pretty much sums up your attitude, immigrants can die, you don’t care.

    The pandemic is not over and the variations out there are more contagious and virulent. The point of these incentives is to get those who are hesitant vaccinated. That is the only way to truly end the pandemic. This is a program from the state of Illinois not, the VA which is federal.

    1. The vaccine is experimental. A number of people have permanent paralysis, permanent convulsions from the vaccine. Not to mention 5,000 people in America have died within 48 hours of being vaccinated. Vaccines are not designed to kill! The number of Covid cases, and deaths, has been enhanced to keep citizens in fear and compliant. Have you seen the videos that show the vaccination site to be magnetized and have metal items such as keys and scissors attached to a straight arm?
      There is something VERY WRONG with this vaccine. We smart people have many justifications for not being vaccinated! No way will I be getting the vaccine!

  3. Two things –

    1. There’s these pesky little things called the Constitution and the Bill of Rights that guarantee us life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

    2. There’s this other pesky little thing called freedom.

    Take your vaccine and shove it where the sun don’t shine.

  4. Gov. FatAss pandering to the non producers and criminal aliens! Don’t waste your time calling his offices, they are not answering the phones!

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