Bloomington: Your turn to fund a Drag Show

By: Diane Benjamin The City of Bloomington is allowing yet another PrideFest downtown. Pride month is over, calendars too difficult to navigate? At least Normal had the sense to hold their drag show indoors and after 10:00 pm: Bloomington’s is outside at 7:30 pm and billed as “family friendly”. Why do the performers need […]

Illinois makes illegals eligible for COVID bucks, excludes Veterans

By: Diane Benjamin Get vaccinated in Illinois and you will be eligible to win State money (tax dollars) or if 12-17 years old – scholarship money. The rules say residents of Illinois – except if you got the vaccine at a Federal facility: Note: Illegal aliens who are residents of Illinois can win your tax […]

Will the Heartland College Windmill Save Money?

by Diane Benjamin  CPA reg. Many factors are not available for analysis of this project.  This process must continually be updated when REAL data becomes available.  Some of the factors are: Cost per KWH for purchased electricity over the next 20 years – it most likely will not remain constant Amount of electricity generated by […]