Free Drag Show!

By: Diane Benjamin

Town of Normal has a FREE two day music event next weekend. Of course it’s only free for attendees, not taxpayers.

Why is a drag show listed FIRST? Are kids allowed to attend? 10:15 pm doesn’t mean they are home in bed during the summer.

Town of Normal has a complete list on Facebook. Funny the Town’s website takes you to Facebook:

Hope it works is you don’t have an account!

Moral decay is real, your taxes fund it.

41 thoughts on “Free Drag Show!

  1. It’s nice to see that the Town of Normal is consistent is supporting the mentally ill. They reelected a mentally ill Mayor Koos. They supported a mentally ill entrepreneur who started a car company that has no plans for EVER making any money. They destroyed a cute authentic downtown that served the residents, for their Uptown disaster that feels like a movie set. Yup… from the leadership to mentally ill men dressed in women’s clothes dancing lewdly in front children… it’s all crazy all the time in Normal.

  2. When’s the Christian themed Gun show and demonstration sponsored and promoted by Normal?

    1. Make no mistake about any of this. This is a highway to the destruction of ALL of the values that have built both our country and the modern world. Religion, the nuclear family and the right to self-defense all stand in the way of a Communist takeover of our world. We must see these people who promote this, for what and who they are. They are agents and provocateurs of Communism.

  3. It’s NOT FREE! The taxpayers of Normal are paying for this garbage. Not one of the so called entertainers listed is worth 5 cents.

  4. Allowing this versus supporting this event are two very important and separate factors in this instance.

    Normal has and is clearly showing an indifference to the 1st Amendment. “Wokism is a religion”. Promoting their religion above all others and establishing laws to protect it while abridging Christianity.

  5. Government sponsored drag shows on the taxpayer dime targeting children as the audience are a direct consequence of the morality of the Town Manager and the perverts elected. Events in Uptown and the CDM will no longer be viewed as safe and family friendly in my book.

    I expect the Children’s Discovery Museum will have pictures of the drag event since the same department runs the Theatre.

  6. I don’t care if someone is trans, gay, etc… What I don’t want is my tax dollars cramming a lifestyle choice down my throat. Democrats would be up in arms if Normal was using tax dollars to fund a Vacation Bible School event. Our taxes would be better used fixing the roads.

  7. Pretty sure unit 5’s Weikle and Shelvin will be watching the community’s reaction to this abomination.

    It will be like a stop light. Green – Ok to expand Comprehensive Sex Ed in the classroom, Yellow – wait, Red – stop what we’re doing.

    The republican party should be setting up a safe way for parents to make their voices heard. Exposing children to perversion is against the law. Local law enforcement should be asked what their position is on such an occurrence beforehand and be ready to back it up.

  8. According to the Cornell Law School website, The first Amendment states that:

    Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

    Recently it was announced that the “Town” of Normal is sponsoring and promoting with Taxpayer Dollars an “Uptown” music festival. Fantastic! However, this family (children present near the discovery museum) friendly event is featuring as the main attraction, per the Town of Normals own Facebook post, an on stage “drag show” and after party.

    Fostering the relationship with the family friendly environments and “drag shows” has been making local headlines amongst school boards, State governments, and now our own local Town Council. The new religion of the left, “Wokism” is being adopted, funded, protected, promoted, and supported by this towns leadership. If they want to self fund an event, fine. But I doubt a Christian themed event would be permitted or any gun show or event. Which are also Constitutionally protected and would be self funded.

    As a volunteer for Operation Underground Railroad the desensitization of children witnessing a “drag show” in schools or in a publicly funded event are profoundly damaging. Grooming children begins with exposure, using taxpayer money to expose them makes us all participants. I do not consent.

  9. I have sent the following to the members of the Normal Council and Chief of Police. Will see if I get and answer.

    My concern is the Drag Queen Show sponsored by the Town of Normal in the Normal Theater.
    I would like to know if it will be posted as R or X rated, or in some way restricted to only adults.
    Also, will Normal police be present inside and outside the theater to ensure that lewd activity is not allowed in a public place where children will be present?

    Depending on the content of the show, I would see no difference between such a show, and for example, a strip show. Will you allow strip shows in the Normal Theater? Is this the kind of activity that the Town of Normal wishes to promote?

    It should be noted that Drag Queen shows are known to be locations where pedophiles frequent. Unaware children can be a target. Will you commit to protecting the children of Bloomington/Normal?


  10. Here’s an instagram link to Rita Tarot, whose group will put on the drag queen show. He is a well known “performer” from Chicago. I would expecting a good turnout of his special friends on the day of his group’s performance in Uptown “Normal”. In this performance he and another queen simulate killing and tearing the head off of a rabbit and drinking its blood. Oh, he also calls himself a witch.

  11. Don’t want to go? Don’t want your kids to go? Then don’t. Why are you people always so concerned about things that you absolutely do not have to participate in? I don’t want to live my life in the kind of fearful, hateful mindset you all seem to live in…so I choose not to. My choice. Live your lives. Let others live theirs. Simple.

      1. We’re paying for all the other performances, yet this is the one you’re singling out. You seem like such a nice and fun person to hang out with. You don’t even live in Normal. Why do you care?

    1. @Clear…
      Normally I would agree with you but this is like sponsoring a family friendly, non ISU, community get together and sticking a strip tease show in the middle of it.

      And as far as I can tell there is no age limitation or restriction put on this “after hours variety” show. Move it to another location or time, that’s fine, we can all avoid it then.

      I hope I never have to walk down North Street in Normal worried that my kids will see the latest strip show advertised on the theater’s billboard, but this is pretty much what’s happening here.

        1. Clear…
          Ok then let’s call them sex shows or shows with sexual content or shows that the vast majority of the citizens consider perverse, or shows that are a draw to pedophiles, or in this case shows put on by self-proclaimed witches (satanic), generally things children should not be exposed to. You get the point now?

          1. It’s absolutely not true. You’ve clearly never been to one. Nothing pedo about it other than the projection that right wingers throw out. Don’t want your kids there, don’t take them. Let others have the freedom to do what they want.

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