Normal’s 12 minute meeting

By: Diane Benjamin

Kathleen Lorenz and Scott Preston didn’t bother to show up. Maybe they know their presence isn’t necessary.

Two items of note from the meeting:

  1. Karyn Smith is now the only person who pulls items from the Omnibus agenda. One item was the 3rd streets contract to come to council this year. Celebrate now – the Town is fixing a whopping 4.5 centerline miles of road. According to this document, Normal has 181 miles of roads: Centerline miles ignore the width, the above document doesn’t say how the 181 miles is calculated. See 5:13
  2. The salary and benefits listed for a housing navigator cover 2 years. If the navigator proves to be essential, further funding will be revisited. (Normal-$55,000 Bloomington-$71,000) See 9:00

The navigator needed 4 votes to pass. Since Lorenz and Preston were absent and Chemberly Harris recused herself (she is on the Mid Central Community Action Board), they only had 4 voting members. Squeaked it by.

I hope Normal taxpayers realize they are billed by the Town so the Cultural Arts Department can provide free entertainment to the entire area, including a drag show:

After the short meeting various members bloviated for a few more minutes. Enjoy:

6 thoughts on “Normal’s 12 minute meeting

  1. I guess karen since stan is No longer there wants to be the center of attention and bring things forward. Too bad she couldn’t have supported him when he was there. They could have got a lot of work Done.

  2. You know they just approved more money to fix more streets but i’m still waiting. Five hundred block of bradley lane in normal illinois was approved for resurfacing and kirbs six years ago. It still has not happened. Where’s the money that was appropriated 6 years ago? Where is the completed street that was promised six years ago ?

  3. Trustees are paid $6,800 a year. The are to attend 2 meetings a month, anything else is optional. That equates to $283 per meeting, or like last night for 15 min of work. Lorenz and Preston get paid even when they don’t showing up.

  4. Kathleen would have had to recurse herself because the housing navigator is her brainchild from United Way. MCCA is the nonprofit who will oversee the position.

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