Chicken Time again in Bloomington

By: Diane Benjamin The Special Use Permit for chicken keeping on Durham Dr was back on the Consent Agenda: Only one item was pulled from the Consent Agenda and this wasn’t it. When the vote was taken to approve the rest of the Consent Agenda, including the chickens, Donna Boelen and Sheila Montney voted […]

Normal’s 12 minute meeting

By: Diane Benjamin Kathleen Lorenz and Scott Preston didn’t bother to show up. Maybe they know their presence isn’t necessary. Two items of note from the meeting: The navigator needed 4 votes to pass. Since Lorenz and Preston were absent and Chemberly Harris recused herself (she is on the Mid Central Community Action Board), they […]

Both Bloomington and Normal meeting on this Federal Holiday

By: Diane Benjamin Juneteenth must not be important enough to delay meetings 1 day. Bloomington Committee of the Whole: Agenda I wonder if anyone will mention the police gun safe giveaway that will rust guns? Minister Ward should already know why gun violence exists and is increasing. A commission won’t solve moral decay, kids […]


By: Diane Benjamin Two topics were discussed during Normal’s 5:00 pm Work Session: the Underpass lighting and north side aesthetics plus this one: Funding a Housing Navigator Bloomington heard the details awhile back and hasn’t voted, Monday it was Normal’s turn. It was stated by Kathleen Lorenz that Bloomington-Normal is currently short 4300 places to […]