Don’t store guns in the FREE gun safe you got from the Bloomington Il Police

By: Diane Benjamin

H/T a solid source

If media cared they would FOIA recent emails. I bet they won’t.


I wonder how they gave away 312 when the documents for the April 24th meeting shows purchasing 308:

Documentation for the April 24, 2023 meeting:

Problem: This is a link to the manual for Model SFW123CS:

Then this link:

Go to PDF page 3 of the manual:

The Bloomington police did not keep a list of who they gave certificates to so they can’t contact anyone and warn them. I don’t know how citizens redeem their certificate.

To be fair I called the guy listed on the Premier invoice above – click the link. He did not know this safe can not be used for guns because he didn’t have access to the manual. He only had specifications from the manufacturer that did not include this warning.

If you know someone who stood in line to get a free safe let them know they are not safe for guns. The Bloomington Police will not be admitting they screwed up. They do know, but will not be telling you.

If you didn’t listen to Tim Gleason in this story, now would be a good time:

Since government spends other people’s money, they are never as careful as they would be if they were spending their own money. This is why government MUST be limited, they aren’t capable of anything bigger.

10 thoughts on “Don’t store guns in the FREE gun safe you got from the Bloomington Il Police

  1. Can we just stop with Sgt. Nowers? So many I have spoken to think he is a joke. I agree. Community Engagement Officer that does not even support his own colleagues.

  2. You can store a pistol in that safe if you’re not keeping it for long term.
    this safe traps moisture. Storing it or ammo will be detrimental to them.

    however I can vouch that these safes are great. We had one when our house burned down. We kept our documents and emergency cash in it.

    The safe was right next to the ignition source, a dehumidifier. The NFD guys broke it open for us. nothing in the safe had the least bit of smoke smell or damage.

  3. Sarge ‘take-a-knee’ Nowers prolly recommends homeowners politely ask their home invader to ‘time out’ so they can spin the safe’s dial lock in the dark before the actual home defense part can begin…

  4. I figured the government would have a way to get into the safe. Plus, I don’t buy that they don’t have a list of citizens who got the certificates. For accountability, they should have a list. Otherwise, how do we know that someone didn’t take half the certificates to sell for cash etc.

  5. I stood in line, received a voucher and redeemed it for a safe. The officers took a quick look at my drivers license and FOID card and handed me a voucher. I then drove to the unused fire station on Six Points Road pulled through one of the equipment bays where I handed the voucher to one of the loaders who then set the safe in the back of my SUV and away I went. Took about an hour from start to finish.
    I was sceptical about them trying to record my information and was ready to walk away if they did but kudos to them for not turning the giveaway into a data gathering event!
    It’s a bit comical that the safe is not recommended for firearm storage when the same company makes biometric handgun safes for the same or less money.🤦‍♂️

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