Gun Violence Commission Hypocrisy

By: Diane Benjamin

Since Bloomington has a “woke” police chief and this is Illinois where criminals are coddled (Safe-T Act), stopping gun violence won’t be easy. Asking nicely isn’t going to work.


Was anyone FIRED over the failed gun safe giveaway when the documentation clearly says FIRE SAFE?

DEI means incompetence is tolerated because meritocracy is no longer cherished. The best and brightest are no longer allowed to flourish if their skin in the wrong color – ask Asians about getting into Ivy League schools.

Bloomington contemplating a commission to explore gun violence is the height of hypocrisy. Gun violence doesn’t happen just in Bloomington. Solutions won’t be found in Bloomington by a bunch of only Bloomington citizens meeting to discuss it. Solutions won’t be found by continuing to coddle gun offenders either. Minors who possess guns illegally need removed from society, adults indefinitely.

The root of the real problems won’t be discussed. Common sense causes don’t have solutions in a society where life isn’t valued, fathers have no role, equal justice doesn’t exist and God is kicked out.

The tyrannical of the left will create the commission anyway. It will be a waste of time the media will love. The commission will provide solutions to gun violence that accomplish nothing.

15 thoughts on “Gun Violence Commission Hypocrisy

  1. “……will find solutions that will accomplish nothing.” What they will do is further restrict lawful gun owners!!! This gun violence issue is cultural and societal. When there’s no decent father figure, six seven or eight kids by as many men and a society/government that coddles bad behavior this is what you get. Blacks are being turned into the ultimate entitlement group and are being propelled into leadership rolls everywhere you look. There’s not one black lead city, state, or country that’s not a mess and most are s–t holes. To a large part, with exceptions, blacks are just not evolved enough to be capable of good leadership.

  2. Diane, you are right on regardless of age if you are caught committing a crime with a gun you will be removed from society an adult prison for good no exceptions. We have to quit coddling the criminals.
    Without a strong family unit the problem will continue, we are now into 3 generations of fatherless homes and it is obvious that the problem and number of fatherless homes has grown every year so a strong family unit is not ever going to happen therefore a harsh penalty for those that can’t live by society laws need to be put away for good at least they won’t be able to continue to breed in prison!

    1. “……put away for good….” Maybe, just maybe we, need to take a hard look at using the death penalty lots more…..brutal yes, but effective. In several posts in the past Sharia Law was mentioned, I’m thinking there are some good rules to Sharia Law, rules that would cure many of our societies worst ills.

        1. Okay, maybe it’s a little harsh on gays, but those proponents of gender transition for minors should be thrown off roofs.

      1. @DUROC

        We need to enforce the US laws that we have in place AND hold folks accountable for their actions.

        Illinois’ solution to crime under JB Pritzker, is now a game of Catch & Release…. and everyone knows there are no consequences.

        To live in a civilized society, we must have consequences for hurting others….

      2. You should read the Koran and the life of Muhammad (it was very well documented) – not to spoil it for you… but Muhammad was an insane warlord and Islam is the religion of an insane and brutal warlord whose only real goal was power via death or submission.

  3. Another window dressing commission comprised of wanna-be elites and various windbags that like to hear themselves pontificate on matters they have no expertise.

    After the initial territorial cat fight, a lengthy period of meetings will result in a non binding report that is quickly shelved into oblivion.

    A commission full of diverse local liberals is not going to solve gun violence.

    Only tough enforcement of gun laws by police on the streets , maximum charges and no plea-downs by states atty’s combined with lengthy sentences handed out by judges and juries are ever going to stop this insanity.

  4. A couple of years ago, I came up with a great way to keep my gun safe. My Conceal Carry license allows me to keep it safe (and potentially effective) at all times. I would encourage everyone to get a firearm, learn to shoot and get a license to carry it. No… having my gun in a locked box at home is NOT going to help me or anyone else. In conclusion, it’s nice to know that our police chief is a diversity hire.

  5. If the state laws are too weak or not enforced, maybe we should look at the federal laws currently on the book. Don’t get the biden version of the lawbook.

  6. You can study the topic to death. But nothing’s going to happen until you crack down on the gangs and the gang violence they commit.

    Given our political leadership at the States and local level, don’t expect anything to happen other than more violent crime in gang violence. These liberals are incapable of holding bad people accountable for bad behaviors . They don’t want to upset their voting base.

  7. You’re correct that this commission is a total waste of time and money. Hopefully you just misspoke, but your ‘solution’ is both dead wrong and 2/3 of what they’ll come up with. I’m sure they’ll write up something wordy and pompous, but your “Minors who possess guns illegally need removed from society, adults indefinitely” are points 2 & 3 of the 3-point executive summary for those of us who can read between the lines.
    You only missed point one, to make firearm possession illegal for anyone not advancing their leftist agenda.

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