Update: District 87 teacher transitioned her daughter

The mom below works at Sarah Raymond but she isn’t a teacher. The dad is a District 87 teacher. He is pictured in her Facebook posts.

By: Diane Benjamin

Her name is Meighan Hopper. Her former daughter is 18 years old, she/he can make any decision wanted because supposedly 18 qualifies as an adult.

Remember when trans-clinics weren’t everywhere and nobody talked about gender affirming care? LIke a couple of years ago?

I wouldn’t be writing this story if this teacher hadn’t recorded an interview about gender affirming care for minors: https://will.illinois.edu/21stshow/story/what-does-gender-affirming-care-for-minors-actually-entail

She’s quite expressive on Facebook about her “new” son and how great he’s doing without breasts and a uterus.

The much hated by the left, Christopher F. Rufo, did an interview with a doctor: A physician reveals the nightmare of transgender ideology in a major children’s hospital.

See it here: https://www.city-journal.org/article/transgender-ideology-and-the-corruption-of-medicine

Here’s another first-hand account of transgenderism destruction in minors: https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/it-almost-killed-me-ex-trans-teen-slams-gender-transitioning-in-powerful-speech/

I don’t care how many surgeries a person gets. Chromosomes don’t change. Minors should NEVER be allowed to have gender affirming care because they don’t understand the long term effect. Doctors don’t even understand the long term effects of puberty blockers, but for money they will happily prescribe them.

If you have to send your child to District 87 (or any public school) your child is at risk. Meighan Hopper is likely to relay her experiences with her trans child since she has no problem doing it on Facebook.

There is a reason transgender ideology is now everywhere: $$$$$$$.

Hands off the kids!

Most outgrow their mental illness, experiments on kids is EVIL.

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10 thoughts on “Update: District 87 teacher transitioned her daughter

  1. Absolute child abuse. And I’m sure she’s pushing this on other children in her classroom.

  2. The only reason to tout gender reassignment to others is because you know its wrong, its a way to justify your decision to allow it, a way to justify the feelings of a failed parent you may have. These morons arent fooling anyone. You wanna change genders at 18, go-ahead but we dont need your parents being gender reassignment justice warriors at the cost of young impressionable minds.

      1. I know just who you’re talking about. It’s the social misfit teacher. No surprise or daughter is a misfit herself. In about 10 or 15 years she’ll be really sorry she can’t have kids. Assuming she doesn’t off herself before then. And nice job mom. No grandkids for you.

        The dress code is pretty casual. They’re At Sarah Raymond. Which isn’t a bad thing. .I remember seeing this woman wearing s notorious Ruth bader Ginsburg T shirt and similar hard left radical messaging on her graphic T shirts.

        Mom’s Tattoos are pretty scary as well.

  3. This girl and her parents are in for a rude awakening, as much as they refuse to admit it. Her problems are just beginning, not ending. She will NEVER be a boy, no matter how much she allows the doctors to mutilate her. She is now a customer for life in the medical, psychiatric, and pharmacological industries. They are not in the business to solve problens. They are in business to create and perpetuate problems. That’s how they remain billion dollar industries. This girl and her parents have a long, sad, expensive road ahead of them.

  4. I am sick. You encouraged your daughter to have a double mastectomy??? As Mothers, we are to nurture our children and love them and teach them to love themselves and work through life’s curveballs with resilience because life never lets up on us. What did you teach your daughter??? That the Alcoholics Anonymous program doesn’t work? That we should NOT accept the things we cannot change? That wisdom to know the difference is unnecessary?? There has never been a bigger failure of parenting, you’ve just set her up and you just set up her mental decline. Shame on you. She hated herself and now she will hate herself even more because your love has conditions. It benefited YOU to cut her breasts off. YOU get to brag about it. YOU got the badge of that you aren’t a racist. I hope D87 still has her on your healthcare, she’s going to need the counseling to stop what’s coming.

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