Citizenship in Illinois is meaningless

By: Diane Benjamin

Citizenship in America is meaningless as illegals continue to flood the border. They are handed benefits paid for by you. If you haven’t asked yourself why tax dollars are used to house them you probably went to a public school that didn’t teach what immigration as always been: opportunity, not freebies. You pay to educate their kids that can’t speak English too! Of course schools won’t tell you how many – they claim they don’t ask about citizenship.

In Illinois you could soon be arrested by a policeman who isn’t a citizen. HB 3751 made that possible.

HB 3882 gives a Driver’s License to illegals that looks just like yours. Democrats claim illegals are discriminated against with the current version that allows them to drive in Illinois.

How many illegals will be registered to vote with that new license? Remember this story?

Non-citizens are called for jury duty. They return the summons with non-citizens scribbled across it.


we can’t cross reference citizens called for jury duty with the voter rolls because the court system can’t be FOIA’d. They won’t release the information. It’s a secret!

Born America used to be a cherished prize. It is rapidly becoming meaningless thanks to people who don’t want America to be anything special. Hint: They hate freedom, they only want power over you.

The only ray of hope is once America falls illegals will quit wanting to come here. You however have nowhere to flee to like they once did.

Happy Friday!

Head to Uptown tonight for the free drag show – kids are welcome. Pam Reece and the Cultural Arts Department didn’t restrict this event to adults only. The same people who run the Children’s Discovery Museum are in charge of this event: Cultural Arts.

Thank these people for bringing vulgarity to Uptown:

DRAG QUEEN who STABS stuffed RABBITS Coming to the Normal Theater

Public Servants – copied from 2022 report—Town-of-Normal

WHISMAN, ELIZABETH S Cultural Arts EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR OF THE CDM – total compensation $179,682

YOUNG, BENJAMIN D Cultural Arts THEATER MANAGER – total compensation $82,190

RAISBECK, JENNIFER F Cultural Arts EDUCATOR – total compensation $91,498

KERN, SAMANTHA J Cultural Arts MUSEUM DEVEL COORDINATOR – total compensation $75,986

HANOVER, SHELLY R Cultural Arts DIRECTOR OF MUSEUM EXPERIENCES – total compensation $114,463

FOX, ADAM G Cultural Arts CIVIC ARTS MANAGER – total compensation $116,689

DOLAN, JOHN Cultural Arts EXHIBIT MANAGER – total compensation $84,018

CARPENTER, RACHEL M Cultural Arts EDUCATION MANAGER – total compensation $101,765

REECE, PAMELA S Administration – City Mgr CITY MANAGER – total compensation $284,212

19 thoughts on “Citizenship in Illinois is meaningless

  1. Events that allow children to attend are GROOMING children to he comfortable around men dressed in these costumes.

  2. Drag queen to wages that are unbelievable and we are a sanctuary city as well.
    Not in our town?
    Normal is NOT Normal

  3. For those of you interested in hearing what Actual Immigration Lawyers have to say about all this, instead of listening to uninformed State Reps and government officials, you are invited to a Town hall in Springfield Illinois. On July 18th at 630pm. We are bringing in immigration lawyers from Washington DC. If you want to attend please email me your interest. It’s gonna be a great time of factual information as it relates to Sanctuary Illinois. [email protected]

  4. Kris Koos hand selected the CDM Board members. They oversee the spending and project selections made by the by the same town staff who searched for and hired men to do the striptease act tonight. Will the CDM Board allow these town staff perverts to put in a striptease/drag exhibit at the CDM next?

    The CDM Board…
    Elise Albers
    Molly Allen
    Patrick Bane
    Tim Bassett
    Lauren Lurkins
    John K. Kim
    Terry Ogunleye
    Theresa Prosser
    Paul Scharnett, Vice Chair
    Mitch Stebel, Treasurer
    Sarah Sturgill, Secretary
    Dr. Brittany Wade
    Rob Widmer, Chair

  5. The reason Biden allowed all of the illegals in was for a vote for him because they think he is the greatest thing for allowing them to come here

  6. I emailed the Normal Council and the Chief of Police about the Drag show tonight.
    I asked specific questions
    1. Will access to the show be restricted to adults only?
    2. Will Normal police be present inside and outside the theater to monitor lewd activity in the presence of children?
    3. Will the Town of Normal be using the Normal Theater for other similar sex shows in the future?
    4. Because Drag Queen Shows are known to attract pedophiles, will Normal commit to protecting our children?

    Pamela Reese’s replied to my questions by telling me about the music festival as if I had never heard of it, concluding with “… perhaps you will find a performance that pique’s your interest should you wish to explore this popular musical weekend.”

    Her complete disregard for my concerns is telling me that – SHE JUST DOES NOT CARE!
    Also apparently she told the rest of the council not to respond because none of them did.

    I also received a response to the same questions from Chief Petrilli. He was also obviously told what to say by his boss Reese. He said –

    “Thanks for your email. My understanding is the show you’re referring to is part of Make Music Normal. Feel free to call me if you have any questions or concerns. Thanks!”

    We will see what happens tonight. Praying that this Satanist’s show will fall flat on its face. I do believe we have made it known to the local libraries and Unit 5 that this sort of activity will not pass unchallenged. I am disappointed in the local churches however. I have not heard a peep out of them.

  7. Per Normal’s ordinances, if anything in this program is sexual in nature it is illegal and those involved SHALL be arrested and charged. However, since the Town Manager uses the NPD as her personal Gestapo, NPD will be as useless as they were during the looting of Target or Unit 5’s electioneering. Here are some quotes from the ordinance which starts on pdf page 58.—Business-Regulations?bidId=

    “The City Council finds that there are unique harmful effects on children and minors exposed to the effects of sexually oriented entertainment businesses, including, but not limited to, the deterioration of respect for family values, exposure to images and acts for which they are too young or immature to fully understand, exposure to items and displays containing pornography or sexually oriented toys or novelties, and the possibility that such children or minors could inadvertently become targets or otherwise victims of solicitations of a sexual nature for which they are too young or immature to understand or otherwise take appropriate measures to protect themselves;”

    “Sexually Oriented Entertainment Business. An inclusive term used to describe collectively: adult cabaret; adult modeling studio, adult motion picture theater; adult video arcade located within an adult media store; adult lingerie modeling studio; and/or sex shop.”

    “Straddle Dance. The use by any person, including specifically, but without limitation, a Sexually Oriented Entertainment Business Employee, of any part of his or her body to touch the genitals, pubic region, buttock, anus or female breast of any Sexually Oriented Entertainment Business Patron or any other person in an adult sex business, or the touching of the genitals, pubic region, buttock, anus or female breast of any person in a Sexually Oriented Entertainment Business by a Sexually Oriented Entertainment Business Patron. Conduct shall be a “Straddle Dance” regardless of whether the “touch” or “touching” occurs while the person is displaying or exposing any specified anatomical area as defined herein. Conduct shall be a “Straddle Dance” regardless of whether the “touch” or “touching” is direct or through a medium. Conduct commonly referred to by the slang terms “lap dance”, “table dance”, and “face dance” shall be included within this definition of “Straddle Dance”.”

    “SEC. 22.13-8 OPERATION WITHOUT LICENSE PROHIBITED. It shall be unlawful for persons not having a current and valid Sexually Oriented Entertainment Business License to establish, operate, or maintain a Sexually Oriented Entertainment Business within the City at any time after the effective date of this Ordinance.”

  8. I believe Victor Davis Hanson did a Youtube video about citizenship and how it contributed to the fall of Rome. Much like what we are seeing today when citizenship is being eroded. One political party evidently doesn’t see the similarity to what happened in history.

    I think we’re only seeing the tip of the iceberg of what illegals are costing us all right now. I am almost sure it is going to get worse. Those employed and paying taxes are being drained. Interesting I did an MSNBC poll question this morning and one question asked if your employer pays a bonus. The overall highest response was “I am not employed”. Like my neighbor said one day there does not seem to be a state or country to go to to get away from this.

    I have a friend who’s car was hit by an illegal. No show on the court date for the illegal. So her insurance had to pay for uninsured damages.

  9. In years past the barber shop singers, a very large local group that performs all over have been invited to perform at the music festival but they were not invited this year but a drag queen was.
    The citizens of Normal have their heads buried so far in the sand that they don’t realize that they have become second class citizens. Your taxes just went for a drag queen performance!

  10. I don’t care if men dress as women.
    I don’t care what gender someone sleeps with.
    I am upset about my tax dollars funding erotic dancers.

  11. Somebody please explain why Beth Wisman should warrant a salary of $180,000 per year as executive director of the CDM. This is ridiculous. Think about the pension costs she will impose upon the city.

    1. Total compensation is not salary – it includes benefits, which should include future pension costs. Best guess is she’s still overpaid, but not horrifically so like your post would imply.

  12. All so true!!! And the blatancy of it all is a sick statement about BN, Central Illinois and McLean County. The Lib gang and progressive leaders and so called professionals in the area (back in the day called Yuppies) get high position and salaries (especially is ISU alumni or donors.

    Some taxpayers see through the mission and agenda and lil Chicago movement and China also known as Smart City mission.

    All giving each other high fives and some even bonus and big raises and pension.

    Real citizens see through it all. Unfortunately many call it progress and digital goals. Pathetic.

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