Bloomington Part 2

By: Diane Benjamin

This was the vote on Tom Crumpler’s motion to add requirements to the agreement with the East Washington developers to pay prevailing wage:


This was the final vote on the project:


Danenberger and Hendricks flipped their votes. The Hendricks flip doesn’t make sense since he was bought by the communists and labor. Maybe he didn’t know what the first vote was for. I really expected the final vote to be tied which would have required the mayor to break it. He dodged that one!

Hit play below – this comment by Tim Gleason should terrify you since government projects are rarely good because these people aren’t spending their own money. They are trying to create change when the demand doesn’t exist. That’s how you ended up with the Coliseum and BCPA.

Keep watching for the entire Council discussion of the East Washington development. Mollie Ward and Tom Crumpler need replaced in early 2025. Petitions start in just over a year.

Tim Gleason plans to have discussions with the Council on prevailing wage. He has lots of investigating to do first. He did state he can not tell private dollars how to spend them. Take note communists. See 1:53:20 for gleason’s plans.

5 thoughts on “Bloomington Part 2

  1. What’s up with the scarf’s? Weird!
    More housing for the homeless coming to downtown Bloomington soon?

  2. Crumpler does not respond to constituents. My friend lives in Ward 9 and has contacted him multiple times, left messages, and he hasn’t responded. His actions appear to show he doesn’t care about his constituents or the citizens of this city. My friend has had to reach out to other Aldermen to talk through things. We are fortunate to have Donna Boelen.

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