4 more things from Bloomington’s Monday meeting

By: Diane Benjamin


The stole/scarf type things the Council members were wearing were gifts from the visiting people from India. Most of that isn’t on microphone, so the purpose is unknown. See 11:20 on the video.



I have reasons to believe the Danenberger/Henricks vote flip flops was a setup to make their supporters think they didn’t vote for it: https://blnnews.com/2023/06/13/bloomington-part-2/


The new corporate attorney for Bloomington is Chris Spanos:

He was involved with the Coliseum prosecutions and knows why Bloomington didn’t want a trial. They were complicit since plenty of proof existed the then City Manager and Council knew what was going on and did nothing. Ask him – of course now as a City employee his job is covering for the City. I did talk to him about it months ago, he’s a good guy regardless. So is the former attorney promoted to Deputy City Manager – Jeff Jurgens.


Proof the History Museum is creating activists:

Just hit play on the video below. Cody Hendricks was excited about a day camp for 4th, 5th and 6th graders at the Museum. It was Activists Day! The kids collected 34 signatures from business owners on a petition for more green space downtown. Hendricks handed the petition to the mayor. He lamented his high school seniors in his government class aren’t advocating for anything.

Maybe the soon to be presented $750,000 downtown study will include tearing up the streets to build parks. Ask Cody how the kids are going to feel when green space doesn’t happen. A few more trees isn’t green space. Maybe his Olympia students are better informed and know representative government and activism are two different things.

Your tax dollars at work.

4 thoughts on “4 more things from Bloomington’s Monday meeting

  1. A new asst for the manager??? O’Neil pool isn’t looking too good… McGraw Park has a fountain that has not been functional for two years Maybe the money should have gone to a good plumber.

  2. “He’s a good guy regardless” – Hm. A fair amount of people who get written about on [and/or trashed in the comments of] this blog could probably use a disclaimer like that.

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