Queen Reece gets a raise

By: Diane Benjamin

As requested by Chris Koos:

Of course the bobbleheads will approve the request.

Being less than transparent however, this is in the actual ordinance:

Unless you read the documentation above carefully, you wouldn’t know Pam’s Salary is now over $200,000 to manage what is in reality a small town.

Normal is Ruled not Governed.

PDF page 59 and following: https://normal.org/ArchiveCenter/ViewFile/Item/4005






11 thoughts on “Queen Reece gets a raise

  1. What does that make her total compensation after you add in the free health care, car allowance & other perks we peasants are forced to pay?

    I think it is BS she gets a raise after she used her position to shut down restaurants and keep me from earning a paycheck when surrounding towns let other wait staff work!

    1. What ever her final tally is with all of the perks included it’s waaaaay too much. I wonder what they would do if someone who was very qualified just walked in and said “I’ll do Pam Reece’s job for $50,000 a year” This is just a little description of basic qualities a city manager should possess that I pulled from govtjobs.com

      “The City Manager should be trustworthy, respectful, ethical, and having good approachable character and the utmost integrity. He/she should possess strong listening skills and possess the ability to communicate with the Mayor, the City Council, community members, and staff at all levels.” – Does Pam Reece fully understand her basic job description?

      1. Clearly she cannot communicate with the community, That is why the bobbleheads raised taxes and hired a PR person.

  2. Sounds high for such a small town. How many years experience does she have as a town manager?

      1. “about three”

        And in that time she has proven to be dishonest, incompetent, and untrustworthy.

        Should have been fired long ago.

  3. I’d like to go back to her 2nd grade report card!
    “Areas for improvement”
    Don’t play well with others not in her group.
    Runs with scissors.
    Moments of disillusional grandeur..

  4. After this raise, Normal will look even worse. Reece wants Normal on the map for the most fiscally irresponsible city manager salary. Only dipshits or people involved in corruption would pay this amount of money to someone with only 3 YEARS experience.

    “ one municipality’s fiscal irresponsibility should not justify another’s. Instead, local governments should look at spending reforms to lessen their residents’ tax burden. According to property data company ATTOM Data Solutions, the average effective property tax rate in McLean County, where Bloomington is the county seat, was 2.46 percent in 2017 – more than double the national average.”


  5. Crooks, allof them in abNormal. Especially the ones who counted the votes. But I repeat myself.

  6. Not to be a smart arse but whether it’s Koos, Reece, Peterson, Hamilton or Markowitz, nothing changes here. The ruling elite has never cared about the ordinary citizen and never will. Reece is in charge in Normal because her mommy-in-law is connected and that’s the only reason she needs. No different than getting a good-paying job at SF, Country Financial or one of the universities. Success in BN is totally related to who you know and who you are related to and how much arse you are willing to kiss. End of story. It never will change. Want to relieve yourself of the misery? Find a job in another state or community or spend some money and leave. Life is full of hard decisions and those made and not made. This community will look like a ghetto within ten years anyway. Get out while you can or subject yourself to dealing with it.

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