Police are reading this site

By: Diane Benjamin

Remember Sonny Garcia parading around with a bullhorn outside the Unit 5 School Board meeting? https://blnnews.com/2021/06/17/unit-5-community-organizing-by-the-local-socialists/

If anybody felt intimidated at that meeting is was the people trying to get past his screaming. A reader asked me what he was chanting, honestly I couldn’t understand a word of what he was saying. Sonny might want to work on his technique the next time he wants to abolish capitalism, end ICE doing their job protecting those here legally, or when he wants to end the use of fossil fuels. Obviously he has never researched how fossil fuels are used in almost everything we use daily. Wind energy wouldn’t be possible without fossil fuels and neither would solar. Being a self-proclaimed socialist says all you need to know!

Sonny must also support teachers who teach racism and division while claiming equity and inclusiveness. At least I think that’s why he was there.

Evidently the Unit 5 resource officer read some stories here. He saw a comment on this story and called a superior at the Normal police department: https://blnnews.com/2021/06/17/unit-5-tragic-comment/

The comment:

Wonder how he knew Sonny was Sonny Garcia? He would have had to read the previous story or maybe he saw Garcia at the School Board meeting. Or maybe he just knew Sonny’s reputation.

It got funnier though. An officer called Sonny and asked him is he knew who posted it. Sonny thought he did and gave them a name. An officer then called the guy and found out it wasn’t him, but that guy just happened to be a reader who relayed the story to me. I of course had to FOIA the report:

The guy didn’t lie, it wasn’t him who made the comment. I bet I wasn’t the only one at the meeting who wished concealed carry was allowed for protection, gun free zones get people killed. The nuts were on the loose that night – especially one with a bullhorn.

5 thoughts on “Police are reading this site

  1. Also, remember “they” like to infiltrate and pretend to be allies of the Right/patriots etc, they will make threatening statements or speak of guns/violence etc. on right leaning pages/blogs/videos etc. I’m not saying this particular person is one of that sort, but just a heads up, a LOT of the violent sounding “call to arms” types are infiltrators or plants. Always be vigilant of trouble makers and keyboard warriors. They are part of the big picture, and they are NOT our friends.

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  2. I understand where the idea is coming from, but I’m no plant. I have a way to verify myself to Diane if the need arises. As I stated previously, I have no desire to see anyone get shot, but I am a firm believer in the old saying, “An armed society is a polite society.” I have no current, nor had any previous desire, for a call to arms. My comment was merely to show my complete support for the 2A, and to suggest how much different the outcome of board meetings might be if such a situation were to arise.

    This is now twice, read 2 times now, that Sonny has either threatened me with the police or attempted to use the police against me. Both times for speech he didn’t like. Authoritarian much, Sonny boy? And I’ve never even met the turd before. He sounds awfully paranoid.

    I’m not concerned about any of this. I did not threaten anyone. I was exercising my freedom of speech. I’m not afraid of Sonny nor the “authorities” he wanted to send after me. As I told him then, I would rather be dead than red.

    P.S. – Did they really want to ban an anonymous person from a school board meeting for posting a suggestion/thought on the internet, with no proof of any wrongdoing other than the Normal PD’s paranoia? Back the blue, eh?

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  3. Ole Sonny boy only wants to defund the Bloomington Police. Normal Police seem to be more controlled by the town dictator. Calling the police for a post on a blog?? In the meantime, Sonny posts inaccurate information all the time. Sonny has difficulties knowing freedom of speech rules. You can back the blue and support the ones that do a good job. A report should not have been issued. I am sorry Sonny this is a civil issue. Good luck next time.


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