Participation Trophy

By:  Diane Benjamin

Normal passed the “Welcoming Ordinance” last night that does nothing.  Scott Preston and Jeff Fritzen voted against it.  The supporters declared victory anyway, they got the Town to kneel before them even if only for one night.  The radical pep rally lasted for over 3 hours so everyone who wanted to speak could, whether they signed up to speak or not.  At least Koos was able to enforce a ban on cheers, boos etc – unlike Tari Renner who encouraged it.  The issue of affordable housing in Normal was also raised, that story next.

The first person to point out nothing changes was the Police Chief.  All the ordinance does is put in writing what they already do.  He can still contact ICE if he feels the situation warrants it.  Hear his comments at 37:45.

Next listen to Ron Ulmer at 55:15.  He owns apartments in Normal.  The police have been called three times on one individual who is here illegally.  Ron asked if the Council has being asked to solve a problem that doesn’t exist since that guy is still here and still renting from Ron.

Donte Latson from the YWCA made it clear this ordinance is just the beginning.  (1:07:25)  He was happy Normal only took two months to draft the ordinance when Bloomington couldn’t pass one in 16 months.  It looks like he was willing to accept getting nothing in Normal, now will he go back to Bloomington and get the same?

There were citizens who spoke against the ordinance, but they were outnumbered by the people who were for it.  I’m only pointing out speakers I feel you need to see.

Next is Chris Koos.  See his comments at 1:31:30.  He mentions voting in local elections is the next step.  Was that a warning Chris?  Koos doesn’t understand citizens don’t have a problem with LEGAL immigration.  He mentioned student visas and H1B visas and visitors from other countries.  He also thinks students legally here from other countries are afraid to visit home thinking they can’t come back.  The problem in front of him was ILLEGAL immigration, maybe he needed more time off.

Following Koos is Chemberly Cummings.  She claimed this ordinance is a much-needed “disrupter” to address the elephant in the room.  As she spoke she elevated her speech into a lecture and call for action for the radicals to not grow weary in their quest for change.

Kathleen Lorenz’s comments at 1:42:20 are worth seeing.  She wanted the Police Chief to assure her that he and the other officers were okay with this ordinance.  He assured her they were, of course that’s because nothing will change.

Even though nothing changed in the way the Normal Police will respond to calls involving people not in this country legally, everything changed for the radicals.  They think they scored a big victory.  They will be expecting more victories and they will be mobilizing their people to get them.

The Normal Town Council showed they are weak when confronted by determined people.  5 members of the Council awarded them a meaningless Participation Trophy that isn’t meaningless to them.  They can hold it high on their way to their next initiative.  Normal as now set a precedence of governing by feelings.

Too bad 100 regular citizens in Normal have never stood before the same Council and demanded their right to keep their own money.




5 thoughts on “Participation Trophy

  1. This is a foot in the door. They will make some “minor” “administrative” “adjustments” to the ordinance over time, hoping that we don’t notice. It’s a lot easier to sneak by an update to an ordinance than to introduce a new ordinance on a fresh topic.


  2. Pantagraph allowed comments for most of the day, until it became clear a majority of them were against the ordinance…then the Pantagraph disabled the comments.

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    1. The majority of citizens are against the ordinance but don’t speak up in public for fear of being labeled a racist and having their name smeared in social media. The common citizen is now living in fear of losing their job or business if they exercise their First Amendment rights.


      1. I and my business were labeled racist by fb users. You are right speak you mind and you will be punished.


  3. Koos is going to allow illegals to vote then HE must be held accountable by law. I foresaw this and posted it on FB before the meeting and low and behold……..


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