Monday PCard and bills

By:  Diane Benjamin

Bills and Payroll for Monday night:

This one is easy Patti Lynn – no need to belong to anything!  111 felony counts could have easily been prevented!


With Tari now PCardless and David Hales gone, money saved.  The City Council still ate at your expense:

Why did Public Works need pizza for a chili cook off?

I love the Salvation Army, but what State Statute gives the City permission to give taxpayer money to any non-profit?  Are they discriminating against every other non-profit?  Why are they picking winners and losers?  Ditto Boys and Girls Club.

Dues to an agency that doesn’t file tax returns, but lobbies Springfield to benefit cities, not taxpayers.

If the Bloomington Election Commission didn’t exist, would these payments?

Why are they handing out grants – this isn’t unusable by the way:

Why are they giving LOANS?  Is the City a bank?

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