Did Renner’s mouth kill potential?

By:  Diane Benjamin

I received a tip that Tari Renner was under a non-disclosure agreement on the deal he revealed during his Town Hall meeting earlier this week.

Renner proclaimed City leaders and the Economic Development Council are talking to a prosthetic limbs manufacturer about a factory here.  He also mentioned the jobs would pay $30,000 – $100,000 a year.

Did he kill the deal by talking about it?  My sources say he might have.

Since funding for economic development is being cut around the state, if Renner did blow this deal, will the EDC announce he did?  Their funding and credibility is at stake!

Since career jobs are badly needed here, I really hope he didn’t.


11 thoughts on “Did Renner’s mouth kill potential?

  1. Renner is just like an old time steamboat! When he builds up steam he blows his whistle, and after he blows his whistle, he don’t have enough steam to get anywhere..

  2. These would likely be good jobs. They don’t fit into the agenda of service sector jobs that Tari and Co. are pushing for. They want prisoners of low income, not independence for their citizens.

    1. Sadly, you’re probably right. Not that it makes things right, but more than likely this was not intentional. Tari is just desperate to show he’s doing something positive for the community. Makes you wonder what other contracts he’s breached…hmmm…

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