Flashback: 3/29/2014 Tari Renner

By:  Diane Benjamin

Remember when Tari Renner verbally attacked Judy Stearns at a City Council meeting?

What the citizens of Bloomington need to hear again are Tari’s pre-attack comments.

He claims local politics is not about ideology and philosophy.    Local government is about “Protecting citizens and delivering services to them at a reasonable cost”.

Tari listed some national issues and claimed they have nothing to do with what we are dealing with in Bloomington.  He claimed venomous rhetoric has been thrown around a lot in the last several weeks, it does not help move us forward.

I remember thinking at the time:  What is he talking about?

You only need to listen to the first 3 1/2 minutes, unless you want to enjoy his written attack on Judy again.

Tari Quotes:

“Ideological and partisan invectives are poison”

“There are very very few ideological leaders that are successful in local government.  They don’t make it.”

I agree with Tari!

His ideology and partisan invectives are poison.  His push for a “welcoming ordinance” is divisive. He sets people who want the laws enforced against those who think they are immaterial.  It is a national issue that Tari himself claimed has no place here.

How much of Bloomington’s structural deficit is being spent on research, legal fees, moving the council meeting, documents, and security so Tari can promote his ideology?

How is that “delivering services”?

This video proves who the divisive one is.  The Council had tried censuring him and a written reprimand.  His divisiveness continues.  On 12/18 when the welcoming ordinance is again discussed we will see that divisiveness is what he wants to create.  Thank the Council for allowing this nonsense.





8 thoughts on “Flashback: 3/29/2014 Tari Renner

  1. I’m just sick. Tari and Co. are bad. They just are. And until a lot more than 20 people start standing up they will continue. They are divisive and they have no problem destroying people to push their ideology and partisan agendas. I self reflect about this a lot and wonder if there really are only 20 people who bother to show up and call them out on the lies is there something I am missing? Am I bad person for believing in democracy, the law, and for truth. Is it wrong to protect the most vulnerable citizens in our community? I’m tired.


    1. It’s difficult to deal with a sizable pond when you’ve got a capful of bleach and want to sanitize the whole pond. The deck (the council, appointed committees, and others with votes that are somehow beholden or compromised) although it can be done because these people really (which is frequently evident) are not real bright. So you’ve got to outsmart them instead of playing their crooked game and expecting to win. Again one must learn from the (like him or not) Trump campaign. With the crooked system against him, voter fraud, tons of money, resources against him,,,he won with the truth! Trump won with the truth about what was wrong and the simple fact that Americans wanted to Make America Great Again. Bear with me here. My point is this,,,here with BLN News spreading the truth, the truth will prevail, but you’ve got to get the truth out there. The info presented on this site about the bad decisions being made, who is doing them, and how it affects the common citizen needs to go viral within this town. Financial resources and manpower is needed. Good luck!


    2. No one can “change a tiger’s stripes.” Therefore, they need to be outwitted. Most citizens are unaware of local politics. If they were, there would be more outrage.


      1. Outwitting liars is achieved by telling the truth but is difficult due to the complicit mass media. Get the word out there and wake people up. Guerilla marketing tactics. Start the campaign NOW. The liars have already lied, the ammunition against them is immense. Use it!


  2. As expected, a big load of verbal hooey from our local ‘sewer socialist’ (his wording).

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